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Holiday Villas in Bali

Explore the natural beauty of Bali by booking the best holiday villas in Balion HeyHolidaysat very affordable rates. This island is a home to an ancient culture which is famous for its warm hospitality. Exotic palaces and temples set against stunningly beautiful backdrops are some of its major attractions. Venture through the magnificent water temples, lush green rain forests, orderly paddy fields and quiet beaches when you book our affordable homestay in Bali.

Unique things to do in Bali

  • Drink from the fountain of youth at Goa Gajah

Built in 9th century, Goa Gajah or Elephant cave is located near Ubud. It features a little waterfall, a green terrain and some fascinating temple ruins.

  • Enjoy the sunrise from the top of Mount Batur

To view this mesmerizing scene, you have to reach the top of the mountain before sunrise. The sunlight peeks out of the horizon and you suddenly see the velvety clouds surrounding you. You wait to greet the sun as it slowly climbs out of its slumber. This feeling is simply inexpressible.

  • Feed the monkeys at Ubud monkey forest

If you are a monkey fan, you will surely love to visit this place during your stay in our holiday villas in Bali.

  • Explore the underground labyrinth

You can explore this underground house which was created only with a hammer and chisel. It can be accessed through a narrow path veering off the main road that is going towards CeninganBridge.

  • Tegallalang Rice Terraces

The gorgeous terraced landscape looks just like some sort of paradise. You will get a magnificent view of the rice terraces from the top. It is a cool and breezy area that adds to its charm.

  • Soak in the spring at TirtaEmpul

You can soak your head under the gushing streams of holy water after praying in the temple.

  • Enjoy the Kecak fire dance

It is the traditional Balinese dance which is famous for its dominant use of human vocals in placeof any instruments. Your visit to Bali won’t be complete without seeing this iconic art performance.

  • Release sea turtles at Kuta beach

You can release the little turtle hatchlings in to the sea and accumulate some good karma. However, there is some specific time and schedule for releasing the turtles, so book holiday villas in Bali accordingly.


If Bali is not in your vacation list for this year, it definitely will be after you browse our handpicked selection of best holiday villas in Bali.

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