Here's the list of the most frequently asked questions:

  • 1. What should I do for a hassle free experience on HeyHolidays and become a good guest?

    Follow the below guideline and be a good host

    1. Before making a booking request you must check the listing details properly and make sure that the listing exactly matches your requirements.
    2. Check the house rules and if you have any doubt please use the HeyHolidays chat facility to clarify anything before making an accommodation request. You can do this by clicking on “contact to host” on the listing page.
    3. Please look for the badge “Verified” hosts, as these are the hosts who have completed their online verification.
    4. Don’t forget to check reviews given by other users that will help you to make your decisions.
    5. Please complete your verification because it will improve chances of your request being approved.
    6. Please write a brief narrative about you and the purpose of your visit while making a booking request. It will help host in making their decisions.
    7. After your booking is confirmed, please get in touch with your host if any clarifications are required.
    8. Please inform your host about your arrival time. If you require an early check in, please ask permission from the host.
    9. Follow house rules mentioned by the host on the HeyHolidays platform. Host has the right to cancel your booking if you do not follow the house rules.

    Please stick to the number of guest(s) that you communicated earlier.

  • 2. How can I make changes to a confirmed reservation as a guest?

    Your HeyHolidays team is working to make this service available to you. As of now, we do not allow the user to make changes in a confirmed reservation.  This facility will be provided soon.

    However, you can speak to your host and request such a change and agree to an arrangement based on your mutual understanding.

  • 3. How does check in work?

    The check in, check out time is mentioned by the host on its listing. If it is not given in the listing details, then it is consider as 12 PM check in and 11 AM check out.  If you are planning to arrive early and want to check in, you must contact the host and receive/take their permission for this. Usually your host allows for such early arrival if there is no same day check out for the listing.

  • 4. How do I report something wrong when I check in?

    If you find something which is not as per the listing page on the HeyHolidays platform, you should contact your host. Most of the times, these issues are resolved by your host in the minimum possible time.

    If you and your host are not able to resolve the travel issue, you have 12 hours from the time after check in to raise a refund request with HeyHolidays

    Take a photograph of the issue and write a brief description and send to us to contact@heyholidays.com with subject line (“Travel Issue_ booking ID”). The HeyHolidays team will verify this with your host as well and after thorough verification from both parties, HeyHolidays will make refund in case of any mismatch with listing details.

  • 5. How do reviews works for guest? What are HeyHolidays guest review guidelines?

    HeyHolidays facilitates their guests to write reviews for hosts and properties. The guest has 14 days to write reviews.  The host will also write reviews for you and have the same 14 day period to post its review.

    You are able to see reviews after the 14 day period or when reviews have been completed by both parties.

    We encourage users to write honest reviews about other users and their stay as these reviews help other users to make their decision.

    We have made these reviews public; hence please do not write any private information in your reviews (for example like mobile number, address, etc.).

  • 6. Can I leave a review?

    Yes you can write a review on the platform anytime after checkout.

  • 7. What if my reservation request is declined or expired?

    If your host rejects your booking request or does not respond to it within 24 hours, it will be considered as declined and you won’t be charged. But, we advise you to drop a message on HeyHolidays chat and our team will work to help the host make a quick decision.

    The quicker the response from the host, the stronger the host profile becomes, hence this is in the interest of the host to reply to you ASAP.

  • 8. How much do I pay for reservation as a guest?

    As a guest, you will have to pay the following:

    • listing price
    • Extra guest fee
    • Guest service fee
    • Currency exchange fee ( if applicable)

    You can pay in only the currency which the host has chosen for payout, hence a currency conversion fee may be applicable on the payment.

  • 9. Why do I need to verify my ID on HeyHolidays?

    A verified ID makes your profile trustworthy to other users. With a verified ID, you have better chances of getting your booking requests approved. HeyHolidays is doing everything to build a trusted online community. By verifying your ID, you help our community to grow.

  • 10. How do I verify my ID on HeyHolidays?

    Please go to your “profile section” on HeyHolidays and complete the verification process



  • 11. Can I pay in my native currency?

    HeyHolidays supports all of the major currencies (25 currencies) in the world. If we don’t support your native currency, you can still make payment in another currency. 

    You will have to make payment in the host's currency.

  • 12. Do I have to pay any currency conversion charges?

    Currency conversion charges are applicable and will be charged by our payment gateway partner if your currency in which you are paying differs from your card currency.

    By default you need to pay in Host payout currency.

  • 13. What are available payment methods?

    You can make payment via any

    • Credit card
    • Paypal Account ( Payment via Paypal is not available if host is in India)
    • Via HeyHolidays wallet (Coming Soon)
  • 14. How can I reach HeyHolidays?

    You can write us on contact@heyholidays.com

    Or call us @ +91-80-22359333

  • 15. Can I make payment directly to host or after reaching the property?

    No, HeyHolidays follows a complete online secure payment system. As a guest, you have to make payments upon making a booking request.

  • 16. We are 1 person more than mentioned allowed people in listing; can I still book the house?

    Normally the host allows extra persons so please check charges for the same on the listing page. Also, please chat with host before making any booking request.

  • 17. How do I collect the keys for the house?

    The Host will take care of that.  Please speak to the host regarding this, and also inform them about your expected time of arrival at the home.

  • 18. How do I find the route to the house?

    HeyHolidays shares the Google map location of the house after confirmation.  You can also speak to host if required

  • 19. Amenities are missing, what should I do?

    Please contact your host asmost of the time your host will resolve these issues. If you are not satisfied and an issue still persists between you and your host, please reach us at +91-80-22359333. We will try our best to sort out the issue and, if required, we will make a refund as per our refund policy.

  • 20. How do I know what are cancellation charges?

    Please read out cancellation and refund policy asyour cancellation charges depend on the policy chosen by the host for the listing.  HeyHolidays has 3 different types of host cancellation policies:

    • Flexible
    • Moderate
    • Strict

    Guest and host Refund and cancellation policies


  • 21. Does HeyHolidays provide instant booking?

    Yes, HeyHolidays allows you to book instantly, and you don’t have to wait for the host confirmation.  Instant booking is available for a property only when the host has chosen the instant booking option for the listing. If you want to search for a house with an instant booking option, you can apply the filter in the search page for “instant booking”.

    We encourage you to do a complete check before making an instant booking.

  • 22. When is payment charged in case of an instant booking?

    As soon as you click on “Instant booking”, the booking will be confirmed and payment will be deducted.

  • 23. Can I cancel a house booked via the instant booking option?

    Yes, the cancellation and refund policy will be applicable

  • 24. How and when do I get the contact details of the host and address of the house?

    As soon as your booking is confirmed, HeyHolidays will send you an email with all of the relevant details.

  • 25. How do I check the details of a trip I took few weeks back?

    You can go to the Your Trips section; here you can see all your upcoming and previous trips

  • 26. How do I cancel the reservation?

    Please go to Your Trips section where you will get option of cancelling the reservation

  • 27. How and where do I write reviews as guest?

    You can go to the your trips section where you will see options for reviewing the trips that have been completed. You will also get an email to write a review once your trip is completed.

  • 28. Can I list my house on HeyHolidays? What are the applicable conditions?

    Yes, anyone who has extra space in their house is eligible to put their house on HeyHolidays. But we advise you to:

    1. Please speak to your neighbours and make sure that they do not have any objection.
    2. If you are living in an apartment/society, please make sure that you receive the approval from the management office or person.
    3. Please check if there are any local laws related to short stay accommodation and if there are any, make sure that you add such laws and local rules to your listing.
  • 29. Host Check list: (how to be a better host)

    Once the booking is confirmed

    1. Contact the guest via email or phone or chat to confirm the arrival details. Help the guest with directions to your address.
    2. Washed bed sheets and towels and be sure to maintain proper hygiene at the listing
    3. Check if all amenities are available as promised, for instance hot water, stove/geyser, and other necessary amenities.
    4. Please make arrangements for your keys to be  delivered to the guest., If you are not available, please advise your guest and designate someone for the same.
    5. Have contact details of the guest handy with you.
  • 30. How do I edit my listing pricing and availability on calendar?

    You can go to your listing and Manage listing option, here you can change pricing for specific dates as well as change your availability for the listing.

  • 31. I got a mail informing that my account details has been updated, but I didn't update any. What should I do?

    Please get in touch with us immediately. Reach us at contact@heyholidays.com, or call us at +91-80-22359333

  • 32. When do I get my payout?

    HeyHolidays will initiate payout 1 day after check-in, but it takes a commercially reasonable time for the payment to be credited to your account. Normally you will receive money within 5-6 workings days

  • 33. How do I get my payout?

    You get your payout to your registered payout method on the HeyHolidays Platform. Please register your payout method at Add payout option

  • 34. What will be my payout?

    Your payout will be the listing price less thehost service fee.

    But if there is any penalty amount/future transaction pending from an earlier payout than this amount will be adjusted from current payout.

    Your payout will be affected by the below rules:

    • If booking days are equal or more than a month –the Monthly rate is applicable ( (monthly rate/30)*Number of days)
    • If Booking days are equal or more than week but less than a month –weekly price is applicable( (Weekly rate/7)*Number of days)
    • If booking days are less than 7 days –daily price is applicable

    If there are unique cases of differential pricing (like individual day pricing)

    If booking days are less than 7 days then differential pricing is set by host, otherwise weekly or monthly pricing will be applicable and differential pricing will be ignored

  • 35. How do I cancel a reservation for my listing, and is there any penalty for cancellation?

    Please go to your listing where you willget the various options of cancelling your reservation. Penalties if any, as per the host cancellation policy, are also set forth in this section. Please check the same to ensure that you understand all rules for cancellations.

  • 36. Do I need to pay applicable taxes to the government?

    As a host you need to be aware of the applicable taxes and you should make arrangement for payment for these taxes. HeyHolidays is not responsible for paying taxes on your behalf.

  • 37. Can I put multiple properties on HeyHolidays?

    Yes, you can put multiple properties on HeyHolidays, but you need to create separate listings for each of property

  • 38. How will I come to know about the booking request?

    HeyHolidays will send an email or SMS, and if you have a HeyHolidays app installed, then you will receive an instant notification on the devise where the app is installed.

  • 39. What is the commission you charge?

    We charge a nominal host service fee which is mutually negotiated and a guest service fee of 5% to 10%.

  • 40. I want to put certain restrictions on my guest, how do I communicate?

    While you are filling in the details for your listing, the “House Rules” section in the listings allows you to insert all restrictions and special conditions.  Your guest will be aware of your house rules and will be able to make an informed choice.

    Go to Manage listings.

  • 41. Can I give different pricings for different days?

    Yes, HeyHolidays gives you the flexibility to set prices for:

    • specific dates
    • week
    • month

    Update your pricing here


  • 42. I cannot see my listing in search results?

    • Your listing has to be in active mode so check this setting
    • Your listing should match the search criteria (days and place)
  • 43. What if I don’t take an action on the booking request in a 24 hour time period?

    The booking would be considered as declined by the host. We encourage you to take a timely action on each request as soon as possible as we do track the host response time and host response rate, which will influence your listings result in the search process.  The higher that you are in the search results, the better are your chances of getting multiple bookings.

  • 44. Can I promote or advertise my listing on the HeyHolidays platform?

    No, HeyHolidays works on dynamic search results and does not promote any particular listing.

  • 45. What happens when a guest makes any damages to my property?

    We encourage you to take out an appropriate commercial insurance policy to cover any damages. We are also working towards providing a host insurance program, but for now, we don’t provide any insurance coverage to our hosts.

    Please read our terms and conditions


  • 46. How do reviews/ratings work? What are the HeyHolidays review/ratings guidelines?

    HeyHolidays facilitates hosts to write reviews and give ratings on the guest. Guests also have 14 days to write their reviews on the accommodation.

    You will be able to see the reviews after a 14 day period or when the reviews have been completed by both parties.

    We encourage users to write honest reviews about other users as these reviews help other users to make their decisions accordingly. Also, we make these reviews public hence please do not write any private information in your reviews (for example mobile number, address, etc).

  • 47. Can I charge extra for extra guest(s) coming?

    As a host you need to mention the:

    1. Number of guests you allowing for the listed price
    2. Maximum number of extra guest allowed
    3. Extra guest charges per person per night ( you should provide a bed for those extra guests)
  • 48. I had a confirmed booking for a guest. Now, I want to increase the price slightly. How can I do it?

    This facility will be provided soon.

  • 49. How do I check the details of the reservation?

    You can go to “Your Reservation” section; here you can see all the upcoming and previous reservations

  • 50. How do I as a host cancel the reservation?

    Please go to the Your reservation section where you will get the option of cancelling the reservation

  • 51. How and where do I write reviews as a host?

    You can go to Your Reservation section; here you will get the option to review the trips that has been completed. You will also receive an email from HeyHolidays to write reviews once the trip is completed.

  • 52. How do I put my house on instant booking?

    Please go to “Your listings” section, here you will get option of “Manage listings and calendar”. Once you click on it, you will get the option of instant booking.

    Manage listings and calendar