10 Budget Destinations for International Holiday

Who says foreign trips are necessarily heavy on one’s pocket? Check out these 10 locations where HeyHolidays promises you a happy vacation in your budget.

Combodia: Combodia or Kampuchea is a land shaped by history and blessed with a picture perfect natural landscape. Angkor is possibly the first reason for travelers to be in Cambodia. Witnessing the sun rise over the 11th century temple relics of Angkor Wat & Angkor Thom is something that you will remember for a lifetime. Visit the Tonle Sap Lake and Kampong Cham, to observe the simplicity of life in the primitive fishing villages. The coastline of Koh Kong is paradise for bird watchers as they find here a host of endangered species. While the coastline will treat you to some exotic beaches, the quaint life in these fishing hamlets will give you a taste of true Cambodia. HeyHolidays partners with the friendliest Cambodian hosts to treat you to a warm and hospitable stay.

Portugal: With its spectatular landscape and unique culture, Portugal promises a splendid holiday. The country is blessed with a long stretch of coastline. Visit the Algarve beaches for a taste of the Mediterranean amidst sea sports, fishing villages, bird watching, dolphins, beach front pubs, golf & spas. The hilly side of Portugal is equally enticing, as is evident in the hill towns of Lisbon and Sintra. Visit the medieval coastal town of Porto for a taste of authentic port wine. With cobbled lanes, colorful houses, ancient spires, Porto is a charming place to be in. The Sao Miguel Island with its volcanic landscape, and an amazing diversity of flora and fauna, promises to be a delight for nature lovers. The Portuguese are typically warm and cheerful people, and you will feel that for yourself in the hospitality of the HeyHolidays rental hosts.

Mexico: Mountains, jungles, beaches, relics, and even deserts somewhat sum up Mexico for a tourist. The city of Mexico is known for its 13th century Aztec temple or the Templo Mayor. With art museums and the famous Palacio de Bella Artes, the city is a sort of pilgrimage for art lovers. The Mexican beaches like Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, Cabo San Lucas, Tulum and Isla Mujeres are a haven for those keen on water sports and beach fun. Visit to the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza with its fabled step pyramid. The light and sound show hosted here will make you time travel to a fascinating Mayan era. The cathedrals, domes, temples, and ruins in each Mexican town speak of a fascinating history. If you are still seeking the behind stories which do not feature in guidebooks, your HeyHolidays apartment host will be your best source.

Croatia: If you are a Game of Thrones addict, you already know what treasures Croatia holds in store. Dramatic landscapes, fairy tale jungles, epic architectures, Croatia is all that a tourist can possibly ask for.  The country is replete with 4th century relics of the roman reign. Pula’s amphitheatres & Diocletian’s palace in Split are splendid testimonies to the Roman splendor. The pristine Croatian beaches like Zlatni Rat and Nugal are known particularly for their pebbled shores. Terrace lakes, waterfalls, canyons, hiking trails and an abundant spread of greenery make the Plitvice Lake National Park a heaven for nature lovers and adventurers. The HeyHolidays holiday apartments in Croatia are selected carefully to house their guests in maximum comfort for minimum pocket pinch.

South Africa: Forests, beaches, hills and more; South Africa is simply nature galore. The Kruger National Park with its amazing diversity of vegetation is a perfect habitat for a gamut of animals and birds. With the Table Mountains posing a dramatic backdrop and the South Atlantic waters lapping on the shores, the capital city of Cape Town is a fascinating place for any tourist. Take a ride on the cable cars to reach the hill tops which offer mesmerizing views of the distant shores. The suburban region Constantia with its acres of vineyards will make another charming trip. The Simons Town penguin colony, the fascinating marine reserve in Tsitsikamma National Park, surfing in Durban, safari in the Pilanesberg Game Reserve; the bucket list for a South Africa trip can go on for pages. So head for the fascinating country and trust HeyHolidays homestays across South Africa to make your stay memorable.

Morocco: With endless souks, medieval quarters, captivating gorges, Moorish architecture, pristine beaches, and an overall antiquated charm, Morocco poses to be an exciting holiday destination. Marrakesh makes a fascinating trip in the medieval lanes and souks. The Bahia Palace here, with its beautiful architecture, is a sight to behold. Close by is the fortified town of Aït-Ben-Haddou, which had been a filming locale for many Hollywood movies. Casablanca is a Moorish port town with remnants of its past of being a French colony. The Corniche region here is thronged with pubs and cafes lining the beachside. The Ouzud falls amidst olive groves is a popular spot for tourists. The HeyHolidays homestays in Morocco are chosen to give you optimum comfort in your budget. So explore the fascinating country thoroughly, and be sure to find a HeyHolidays host awaiting you with a cozy lodging.

Indonesia: Beaches, volcanoes, wildlife, an unharnessed nature, and a brilliant cultural canvas sum up Indonesia for its visitors. Borobudur is a 9th century Buddhist temple in Magelang and treasures some exquisite stone work. Watching a sunrise or sunset from here will be an affair to remember. The Tanah Lot is a typical Balinese temple on a rocky island offering stunning views of the coastline. Mt Bromo and Mt Batur are volcanic peaks with mesmerizing views. The tropical islands of Indonesia are home to hundreds of rare bird species. So keep your gears ready to spot some exotic birds, butterflies and reptiles. The forests will give you a glimpse of several endangered animals like Komodo dragon. The coastline of Indonesia boasts of world class beaches like Kuta. The HeyHolidays rentals in Indonesia are arranged with friendly Indonesian hosts who promise to treat you to a comfortable sleep amidst all your travel.

Hungary: Touched by Roman and Turkish influences, Hungary has resulted in a captivating cultural platform. The city of Budapest has flourished on both sides of the Danube. Medieval churches, museums, riverside walks, and a hilly landscape make it an ideal holiday destination. The Lake Balaton is another draws visitors with volcanic hills, pristine shores, wetlands, and extensive vineyards. Visit the Ferto Hansag National Park, and Bukk National Park to watch nature from close quarters. Take a course of history in the castles of Sumeg, Sarvar and Gyula. While in Hungary, don’t miss the legendary mineral spas in the thermal lake Heviz. The HeyHolidays accommodations in Hungary are chosen while keeping an eye to your comfort and budget.

Cuba: Cuba will treat you to a zesty holiday amidst a perfect blend of nature and culture. The coastline in Cuba stretches along the North Atlantic Ocean to the Southern Caribbean coast giving Cuba over 300 spectacular beaches. Esmeralda and Pesquero beaches are typical Cuban white sand beaches with little coves and off shore coral reefs for diving. The colorful houses in Havana look straight out of the pastel box, and are sure to lift one’s spirit. With quaint streets, colonial houses, roadside coffee shops, and local kids playing on the sidewalk, Trinidad awaits you with a different feel altogether.Santiago de Cuba is a Caribbean town with colonial houses, and a spirit that beautifully combines Afro-Cuban culture. The Cuban hospitality can be best experienced in the HeyHolidays apartments across the country.

Thailand: If you are looking for a vacation teeming with things to see and do, Thailand is the place. Exotic islands, pulsating nightlife, virgin national parks, and a rich cultural landscape make Thailand one of the most sought after destinations. The Ko Samet, Phuket, Phi Phi and Similan Islands have beaches that can charm all beach lovers. Divide your days between beach adventures and lazing by the sea. And after sundown, head for the beach side pubs for some excellent music and sea food. The North of Thailand is home to a lush Kho Yai National Park where you can witness some exotic varieties of tropical flora and fauna. Hiking through the wilderness here will be different experience altogether. Remains of the ornate ancient temples and palaces preserved in Ayutthaya and Sukhothai will narrate to you a fascinating history of the nation, and the richness of its culture. Thailand is a haven for the shopaholics. For the best flea markets and shopping deals, ask your local HeyHolidays host to guide you.