10 Offbeat Destinations for Holiday Abroad

Hey travelers! So you have already seen quite a bit of this planet, are tired of the so common tourist places, and want an offbeat destination for your next trip? HeyHolidays brings you some out of the box ideas for an international holiday. Head for one of these destinations, and it’s guaranteed that you will be the first in your friends circle to share the amazing experiences that these countries hold in store.

Costa Rica: The natural resources and bio diversity of this tiny Caribbean state is a delight for tourists. The rain forests of Costa Rica are simply pristine and almost out of this world. Exotic vegetation and rare animal and bird species find their homes here, thus making it a haven for nature lovers, and wildlife enthusiasts. Hike through one of these forest trails and discover something new in each step. If you are an adventurous soul, Costa Rica has enough to offer in its amazing landscape. Canyoneering, ziplining, snorkeling, just name it and Costa Rica has it all. The coast line of this country is washed by both the Caribbean and Pacific, thus making it a delight for beach lovers who get to experience two completely different beach cultures here. While the Pacific coasts are marked by turquoise waters and white sand beaches, the Caribbean coastline will give you a different taste altogether. Costa Rica houses 14 volcanoes, which result in a number of hot springs. The Costa Ricans believe in ‘Pura Vida’, or pure lifestyle, and hence you can feel a purity and happiness all around. Experience the culture and cuisine of Costa Rica while staying in a HeyHolidays vacation rental.

Cyprus: This is a less visited Mediterranean country, and hence a delight for the ones seeking to relax in quietude. Cyprus is marked by shades of blue. From turquoise to azure, you will find all the blues of your pastel box in the Blue Lagoon. The Troodos Mountains, with their lofty pine and cedar forests, make a refreshing forest trek. Visit Lemesos and Omodos for experiencing the zestful Cyprus life. Sunbathed streets, cheerful locals, colorful Mediterranean markets, and heavenly smelling cafes will surely lift your spirit sky high. Leaving nature and culture aside, let’s head for the historic treasures of Cyprus. Kuorion, overlooking the Mediterranean waters, is a 2nd century B.C. amphitheatre, and sitting here on the stone steps you are sure to have goose bumps! Paphos is a UNESCO World Heritage Site cherishing 5th century mosaic artworks. With so much to explore, Cyprus is a strong HeyHolidays suggestion for the ones seeking a different kind of holiday.

Croatia: if you are a Game of Thrones addict, it’s time you visit Croatia to explore the actual shooting locales. The entire country is replete with dramatic landscapes and architectures and promise you a different experience altogether. Croatian beaches are peculiar with their pebbled coast. Pristine and picture perfect, the beaches of Zlatni Rat and Nugal are a haven for beach and water sport lovers. The mountains are picture perfect, and provide ample scopes for trekking, rafting paragliding. As many as 8 national parks in Croatia protect the flora and fauna of the region, and are home to picturesque waterfalls and lakes. The countryside is replete with vineyards, thus giving you taste of some authentic local brews. Croatia boasts of one of the best preserved amphitheatres of the world in Pula. You’d better not miss one of the regular musical concerts hosted here. The marvelous ruins of the Roman emperor Diocletian’s palace in Split are now home to several bars and souvenir shops. HeyHolidays has arranged several holiday rentals in Croatia to ensure your entire stay is full of happy experiences.

Cuba: If you love life, color and music, Cuba will be your love at first sight! Each street here is flanked by colorful houses straight out of the pastel box. The coastline in Cuba stretches along the North Atlantic Ocean to the Southern Caribbean coast giving Cuba over 300 spectacular beaches. Esmeralda and Pesquero beaches are typical Cuban white sand beaches with tiny coves and abundant marine life to marvel any sea lover. The off shore coral reefs are also a treasure house of aquatic life. Head for the Starfish Beach in Cayo Jutías to further feast your marine interests. Baracoa  awaits you at the end of a fascinating journey through miles of tropical rainforest and spectacular waterfalls. Visit Trinidad with its cobbled streets, colonial houses, quiet coffee shops, and a few miles away the beach awaits with its black sand and queer coastline. Havana, Holguin, Santiago De Cuba, each Cuban town has a different pulse. Take home fabled Havana Cigars as souvenirs, and shop for local wooden handicrafts. Treat yourself to the local cuisines and brews and get a taste of Cuban hospitality in the HeyHolidays rooms around Cuba.

Honduras: We promised you offbeat destinations, and Honduras comes next in the list. This Central American country is barely known to tourists as the country carefully treasures its store of nature, wildlife and adventure. Have you ever dreamt of being a diver in your childhood? Then travel to Utila and El Tigre for a sun-soaked sea time. There are several diving schools in Utila to help you explore the underwater treasures. Marvel at the coral reefs and marine life, and who knows, you just might be lucky enough to spot a friendly turtle or shark! Spending the days in your aquatic adventures, reserve the nights for partying on the pulsating Utila beach. Moving away from the coastline, head towards the Mayan ruins in Copan. The stone slabs preserved in this ancient town will surely make your head spin. Honduras has more than a dozen national parks where one can witness the astounding biodiversity of the tropical forests. Scores of exotic birds and reptiles will welcome you in each step through the waterfall hike in Montana de Santana Barbara Park. Honduras lacks in conventional hotels, and the best lodging options here are in homestays. Hence check the HeyHolidays holiday rentals in Honduras for a cozy and affordable lodging experience.

Luxembourg: Picture postcard valleys, medieval castles, lush vineyards, and a plush countryside sums up Luxembourg for the tourists. Located in heart of Europe, Luxembourg has turned out to be a mixed bag of culture. Hence one finds here the best of cuisines from all over the continent. Enchanting medieval castles like the Luxembourg Castle, Vianden Castle, and Beaufort Castle stands here as if right out of a fairy tale book. Taking a tour back in history, move ahead to admire the bounty of nature in Mullerthal where hills, forests and waterfalls will soothe the nature lover in you. The famous sandstone formations of Berdorf are another treat to the tourists. Grevenmacher vineyards produce some of the best wines in the world. If wine tasting does not interest you, the charming valley surely will. HeyHolidays has some comfortable holiday rentals arranged in and around Luxembourg. Hence your lodging worries are taken care of. All that remains to be done is to make a tour plan and reserve your tickets to this charming country.

Poland: Poland is a country that promises a complete holiday experience to every tourist. The country boasts of more than a dozen UNESCO World Heritage sites like the Bialowieza Forest, Krakow and Warsaw. The country is home to numerous miedaval castles which will take you centuries back in history. The ancient town of Krakow stands with its gothic architecture, cobbled paths, quaint cafes, and colossal churches. The castle of Malbork stands out as another splendid instance of medieval architecture. Oświęcim houses a painful reminder of the Second World War. The Bialowieza Forest, is an ancient woodland preserving an age old canopy of trees and several endangered species. Having enough in your tour plan, let us check out what else Poland has to offer. The Polish cuisine is world apart from what we understand by continental food, and you simply need to try some delicacies like pierogis and makowiec to appreciate the country’s recipes. To experience Polish hospitality, all you need to do is check into a HeyHolidays vacation rental in Poland, and spend a few days in the comfort of home away from home.

Puerto Rico: Last but not the least in our list of les visited destinations is Puerto Rico, a beautiful Caribbean island holding in store priceless natural resources. The coastline provides excellent scopes for snorkeling and diving, thus giving the tourists a glimpse of the underwater treasures of Caribbean. In addition to the usual white sands beaches, Puerto Rico boasts of a bioluminescent beach in Vieques which draws tourists to witness the spectacular phenomenon of glowing waves lapping to the shores. The pink sand beach at Isla Verde Beach is again one of its kind. If you are tired of the Caribbean blues, then visit the Fuerte San Felipe del Morro for a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean from the ancient fortress in Old San Juan. If you are in a Caribbean Island, your dining experience has to be awesome. Try out local recipes in beach side eateries, and dance to the reggae tunes playing in the beach shacks. Several holiday homes in Puerto Rico have joined with HeyHolidays to give you a wholesome experience of the Caribbean life.