Travel Solo

Have you been waiting for that ‘historic moment when everything turns around’? Then maybe it’s time you hit the road aloe. Travelling alone makes for an experience seldom comparable to anything else. Young or old, male or female – it’s time you let throw those hesitations out of the window, pack a bag and set off on a course for the world.

We know that you may be apprehensive of a lot of things like security or appropriate company, especially if you are a woman, but take the step once and you will know why most travellers root for that solo trip. Here are ten reasons why you should travel alone at least once your lifetime!

Freedom Frenzy

You won’t know it till you have set off. But once you are on the train or flight or whatever means of transport you opt for, you will realize how truly independent you are. From deciding who to talk to what to eat to where to go to when to leave – it’s all on you. You call the shots, every time!

Spontaneous Is The Other Name

Once you realize that essence of complete freedom to do what you do and the way and you want to, you will learn to act on the moment. You will discovery to follow your instincts yet with the essence of common sense. Travelling alone will help you discover the true meaning of spontaneity in different situations, which keep you thrilled!

Independence In True Sense

In the middle of all the new found freedom and the surfacing of your instincts, you will become independent lie you never imagined. From speaking your heart to living for yourself, your independence will be the final level of self-discovery.

An Envelope of Inspiration

Travelling alone will help you be inspired at unexpected circumstances and help you find those epiphanic moments of change in your life. Not only will you be inspired to live a journey that is worth bragging to your grandchildren about, you will also inspire others around you to live their dreams.

The Me-Time You Were Waiting For

Yes, in between all the bustles of exploring, you will get to know who you are, your dreams and your aspirations. You may just come across a hidden trait which you never imagined existed or discover your love for something. After all, the trip is all about you!

Immerse Yourself In The world

You can do this even when you have the perfect backpacking partner but travelling to a place alone lets you do things your way. Explore a place in its true colour – complete with local cultures and cuisines. Book a homestay or vacation rental with Make Friends With The World

This will literally come true if you are exploring a place in its local avatar. As you start exploring places, you will build relationships with people and as you learn about yourself, you will learn to give the right people the right priority. HeyHolidays will again come to your rescue here opening up chain of acquaintances through your host.

Life Is Not A Bed Of Roses

Amidst all your adventures and lessons in life, you will learn how to deal with hardships. When you are all alone in a foreign land with no friends or family to bank on, you will recognize the value of self-confidence and be ready to take on life’s challenges – face on!

A New Perspective

All the valuable lessons life will teach you on your first solo trip will in turn make you see everything in a new way. The people who especially feel clogged in daily routine will experience a blast of rejuvenation with this fresh perspective. A fresh perspective leads to fresh ideas and in turn a fresh approach to life.

The Moment Of Epiphany

If you are travelling solo for the first time, this one is guaranteed. With a plethora of new emotions filling up your heart every single day of travel, you are sure to realize that one question that has been bugging you for ages!


Still staring at this page? Make a run for your closet; throw in a few necessities and hit the road. The world is waiting for you with her arms wide open! Don’t miss out on this awesome journey of a lifetime!

“Don’t be scared to walk alone. Don’t be scared to like it.” - John Mayer