10 street slangs of London

Slang is an ever changing set of colloquial words or phrases which are generally considered distinct and socially lower than the ‘standard’ language. This ‘lingo’ is mostly a spoken form of communication, which identifies itself as an establishing force of social identity and cohesiveness. It happens largely within a group, or with a trend, or fashion in society at large. To go way back in time, around 18th century, the word ‘slang’ analogically represented the vocabulary of the underworld groups and was used fairly interchangeably with cant, flash and argot style of communication. Witness the unique form of London lingo and illustrate your life with new friends while staying in the most tranquil HeyHolidays home stays.


With slang and formal language poles apart in terms of accepting each other, you have the liberty to use it with the locals of London. After all, the world seems a smaller place when traveled, doesn’t it? Pep up your chat style with these must-know slangs.


1) Alie

Alie is a word used when you agree with someone.

Usage - When Ralf makes a point, his team has nothing to say except, alie!


2) Chirpsing 

Chirpsing is a slang used to connote flirting or talking or even just chatting up with someone.

Usage - Mathew has started chirpsing with his new colleagues.


3) Hoodies

A hoodie denotes a guy or a girl who predominantly spends time on the streets.

Usage - Back in Lana’s town, her hoodies keep her entertained throughout her home stay.


4) Banging / Banger

Banging in the London lingo which suggests a positive aura around.

Usage - The music played in the clubs of London is banging/is a banger.


5) Blag - Achieve something by dubious means

Blag is to achieve something by dubious means.

Usage - Woaah! Did Kim just blag a bottle past the bouncers?


6) Quid

A quid is One Great British Pound Sterling.

Usage - When Richard is out of quids, he steps on the stage and plays mystical music.


7) Skin(s)

Skins refer to the papers used for rolling substances like tobacco and others.

Usage - Where are the skins I left behind in your house yesterday?


8) Zoot 

Zoot is a slang closely associated with a joint or a spliff.

Usage - Does the name of the day matter to shoot a zoot?


9) Amp

Amp is a word used when something is hyped.

Usage - Isn’t that new defender from Chelsea just an amp?


10) Bun

Bun denotes an activity of smoking. It can relate to any form of smoking.

Usage - Do you wanna bun a cigarette with me?



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