3 World Capitals To Complete Your World Tour

London, Paris and New York are probably the first three names to pop in one’s mind when asked to name the world capitals that also couple as busiest tourist hotspots. History, architecture, culture, and sheer glamour of the cities pull millions of tourists from across the globe round the year. HeyHolidays takes a bird’s eye view on what these three cities have to offer.

London: The British capital is a fascinating city where the 21st century highrises stand overlooking historic cathedrals and castles which date back to the Roman times. From the legendary Buckingham Palace to the present day London Eye, the list of things to see in London can stretch for pages. Keep your London bucket list ready with the historic architectures like the Tower of London, Trafalgar Square, the Westminster Abbey, the Big Ben, and of course a trip to the Royalty at Buckingham Palace.

Next comes a mandatory ride on the London Eye to gape at the city’s skyline. A trip to the Warner Brother’s Studio and the Madame Tussaud’s Museum are also not to be missed. To treat yourself to some greenery, take the stroll in the vast Hyde Park and St. James Park. London is home to a galaxy of world class restaurants and pubs. Take your pick and savor some best dishes of continental cuisine. A hop on and off bus service runs through the city giving tourists a perfect way to drop in at their chosen point of interests, and again hop on board in the next bus.

London has a host of lodging options ranging from plush starred hotels to shared hostels. HeyHolidays has amazingly affordable arrangements for bed and breakfast, thus allowing you to experience London in comfort and your budget.

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Paris: Paris remains one of the most popular destinations for international holidays. From romance smitten honeymooners to art admirers, Paris remains in the bucket list of all. The city has some of the most iconic monuments in the world, the Eiffel tower obviously topping the chart. The Cathedral of Notre Dame, the Versailles Palace, and the Sainte Chapelle have also been marveling tourists for ages. The Louvre Museum, treasuring its numerous artifacts, is also an obvious name in the list of things to see in Paris.

Paris is the world capital of fashion and boasts of a row of head turners when it comes to picking the uber chic in today’s fashion world. Whether you plan to actually bag a few designer wears or simply window shop, a visit to the Saint Germain neighborhood is a must for those who want to inhale the true essence of Paris. The culinary skill of the French people is a known fact. So if the smell from the sidewalk cafes is making you drool, don’t hesitate to walk in. You will be treated to some of the best bakes and fries you have ever had. And a sampling of the local French wines is of course mandatory once you are there. The lodging arrangements in Paris are abundant. Stay in the local vacation rentals of HeyHolidays and experience Paris as a local.

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New York: A trip to New York is marked by the sheer abundance of things to do and see. This American city is a mega store house of historical monuments, parks, museums, shopping destinations, cultural hubs and what not. Begin with a mandatory visit to the iconic Statue of Liberty and gape at the dazzling view of New York Harbour and Manhattan. The Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park are next in any tourist’s ‘what to see in New York’ list. Visit the Metropolitan Art Museum to appreciate a whooping collection of more than two million art works.

Standing in the Fifth avenue and Times square with the New York city traffic whizzing past you, and giant bill boards flashing around you, feel the true pulse of New York. When you are in New York, you simply shouldn’t miss a Broadway musical. And when you have seen it all, just sit back and marvel at the dramatic New York City skyline that you have seen so many times in Hollywood scenes and tee shirts.  HeyHolidays has several local holiday rental apartments in New York to make sure you rest in comfort while sticking to your budget.

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So simply head for the three most happening cities in the world, and HeyHolidays will take care of your lodging worries with its vast range of cozy and affordable vacation rentals.