5 French Phrases Every Traveller Should Know

Planning a trip to France? All of us are aware that France is a beautiful and romantic country but if you don’t know these common phrases, then moving around and enjoying this gorgeous country may pose a challenge

Don’t worry! HeyHolidays is here for your rescue – Here is a list of phrases that you should learn or save in your phone in case there is a difficulty in expressing yourself.

Bonjour. S’ilvousplaît… (Hello, please…)

So, if you are lost and what to ask for directions or cannot understand the menu and need more details always start the conversation with “Bonjour. S’ilvousplaît…”

While saying “please” might seem like a no-brainer, “bonjour” is actually just as important in French culture.

Oui / Non (Yes / No)

Knowing ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ in French can be very handy and useful while trying to attempt basic conversation with a French local.

Parlez-vousanglais ?(Do you speak English?)

You will be surprised to know that most French people do speak basic English; so to check if there is someone who can understand, please start the conversation with this phrase.

Je cherche le bus/train/métro. Oùestl’arrêt le plus près? (I am looking for the bus/train/subway. Where is the nearest stop?)

In an unfamiliar city moving around maybe tricky and sometimes maps do not help at all. It is always good to check from the locals how to get to important destinations. Use this phrase in such situations

C’estcombien?= How much?

This will be of great help while you step out to eat or shop.

Hope you had a nice time reading this – Au Revoir!