5 Must-Try Dishes in Thailand

Are you a diehard Thai food fan, and make regular trips to your local Thai restaurant? Then it is time you plan a trip to the amazing country of Thailand, and treat your taste buds to the most exotic and amazing dishes you have ever had. HeyHolidays has an endless list of vacation rentals where you can stay comfortably and explore Thailand to the core. From an endless spread of unthinkable street foods to posh restaurants serving authentic Thai delicacies, your gastronomic choice in Thailand is mind-blowing. If you are wondering what to start with, try 5 most popular Thai dishes that you simply must have in Thailand while staying with HeyHolidays.

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Tom Yum: Is Thai soup the reason why you vote for Thai food? Well, here is the authentic Thai soup for you. Tom yum Goong is a delicious broth of tender prawns, softest mushrooms, lime parts, shallots, the trademark lemon grass, and some sauces here and there. You can replace the prawns with meat if you want, but whatever goes in, the dish is sure to make you drool with its distinctive aroma and tantalizing taste. Almost all Thaifood joints will be serving this soup. Try the street food corners for variations, and you are sure to be longing for more.

Phat Thai or Pad Thai: This is again a dish which you must have had in the Thai restautants back home. But when in Thailand, the dish is naturally more authentic and more yum. The best place to enjoy this rice noodle dish would be a street food joint, where you can watch a friendly Thai guy stir up the noodle strands with vegetables, meats, shrimps and an array of sauces. Standing at a feet’s distance from the oven it is indeed a pleasure to watch the speed and accuracy with which your favorite dish will be cooked up. And the heavenly smells and sizzling sounds will be an added bonus to your meal.

Phat Kaphrao: Thai food is marked by its simplicity. In fact, most Thai dishes are a one-dish meal, where meat and vegetables are cooked with rice or noodles to give you a balance of carbs and proteins along with your share of yumminess. Phat Kaphrao is one such dish, where meat is fried with basil leaves, and stirred over rice with a poached egg adorning the top. With typical Thai flavor of fresh herbs, and simple ingredients, this dish is a must try in Thailand. You can try for other variations of this dish with the abundant sea food in the country.

Laap: Laap is a mouth watering minced meat dish with touches of rice powder, fish sauce, and trademark herbs. Laap goes best with sticky rice, and forms a complete and filling meal itself.

Dessert Time: Done with soups and main dishes, now is time for the most popular dessert in Thailand. Being a tropical paradise, the desserts in Thailand naturally revolve around the fresh tropical fruits found locally. Mango with sticky rice is one such dessert which almost every restaurant and food joint serves. Chilled mangoes over a steaming dish of sticky rice, is a combination that you have probably never thought of. But try one, and you will be longing for more. Sweet and juicy mangoes soaked in thick coconut milk forms a creamy dessert. You should also try the Thai crepes which are fresh from the grill, and stuffed with a sugary egg preparation.

Thailand is a veritable foodie’s paradise, and one finds here unthinkable combinations made from scratch. Your HeyHolidays apartment host can guide you to some authentic Thai food joints, and tell you the best local stall to try these dishes. If you are lucky, you might even convince your HeyHolidays host to cook some up for you. So with virgin beaches, lush landscapes, endless adventure activities, exciting nightlife, and a mind-boggling list of exotic Thai food, your Thailand vacation is bound to be one to remember.