5 Reasons you should be a host at HeyHolidays

Travelling days are here to stay forever and we all know how important it is in one’s life. There are many who wish to travel and seldom do anything about it, then there are some who have travelled a lot but have shared no experiences and then there are the third kinds who not only travel, but also share stories, live amongst the unknown and create a home for themselves away from home. In an exciting world that exists, shelter the travellers and grow your happiness with them. It doesn’t take much to be a part of something bigger! 

Make some space for your own benefits

Is there space in your house untouched or unlived? If yes, may be its time to generate some money out of it. Rent out the extra space with HeyHolidays vacation rentals and open doors for the travellers. Bear in mind the ease of earnings. All you have to do is maintain basic hygiene of the house and take those minimal efforts to finish off household chores. If you were to look at it from a global perspective, this act also provides you with an opportunity to be a part of the current economic trend, which is sharing economy. 


Get yourself acquainted with the world 

Admit it! We always look out for fresh perspectives to life and what better there is than travelling and acquaintance. It is a constantly changing environment. Allow the tourists a homestay and acquaint yourself with new faces and cultural diversities. Sharing your cultural backgrounds with them and vice versa builds a huge global village. This may just be your prime chance to make new friends sitting right at home, something that comes few and far between.


Your mode of payments just got easier 

Are you worried about how the payments are going to reach you when your tenants vacate? HeyHolidays has an easier way out of this. It provides a secure online payout system that ensures prompt and reliable compensation for every rental space you host. There is no reason for you to worry about collecting any cheques from your guests or running behind them every now and then for rent money. May be you have run around too much, may be it is time you switched! 


It is in you to encourage travel enthusiasts 

We all know the benefits of travelling and how it constantly enables us to go deeper into ourselves but yet; some of the newbies are weary of travelling due to their fears. There certainly is a lot of fright and anxiety among the novice travellers about where to stay, what to eat and how to go about a new place. Host your rental space with HeyHolidays and diminish the hesitant travellers. Encourage, help and inspire more people to travel by sparkling their enthusiasm and erasing their doubts.


It is your chance to create a world of belonging

A vacation is a time to relax and rejuvenate. Allow for a rental space and make ways for a whole lot of new experiences. The tourists come from across the borders and are new to a lot of places that is home for you. Create a local home for them too. Blend with the unknown and be a part of HeyHolidays in making this world a better place.