4 Scandinavian Gems You Must Visit

Remember playing Vikings in your childhood, and getting most excited with your Viking hats and belts on? Why not visit the land of the Vikings now, and experience the magic of the land they hailed from? It is time you explore the amazing Nordic countries Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland. These four countries share a common heritage, culture and boundary to form the Scandinavian Peninsula in the northern borders of Europe. With breathtaking landscapes, medieval architectures, and some magical natural features, Scandinavia holds the promise of a most remarkable trip. HeyHolidays has located the best tourist destinations of Scandinavia, and ensures to put you up in homelike HeyHolidays rentals in your journey through this magical part of our planet.

Norway: Norway is blessed with a rocky and wild landscape which makes inhabitation difficult in most parts. Vast areas of the country have thus been made into National Parks, and hence make the place perfect for the ones seeking to be marooned in nature. The western part of Norway has innumerable fjords, or rocky inlets from where the sea creeps inland. Steep mountains rising straight from the coastline form a dramatic backdrop for your travel photos. And of course, no mention needs to be made of the spectacular Northern lights flashing across the night sky in myriad colors.

HeyHolidays has a number of vacation rentals in Oslo and Bergen which are the largest Norwegian cities, and along with an interesting night life and pop culture, also possess a breathtaking landscape. Visit Bodo to make a trip to the Saltstraumen whirlpool. The city of Stavanger is another experience with its medieval churches, and caves which date back to the Stone Age. Trondheim with its picturesque riverside wharfs is another popular tourist destination. Anywhere you wish to stay for the night, HeyHolidays has lodging options ready to house its guests. Get a feel of the Nordic hospitality in the holiday rentals arranged by HeyHolidays.

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Sweden: This Scandinavian country is a beautiful collection of inland lakes, and coastal island with their evergreen foliage and glacial landscapes in certain parts. Being closer to the poles, Sweden enjoys maximum daylight in summer, thus giving tourists more time to enjoy and experience the amazing landscape of the country. And once the sunsets, the flashing waves of Aurora Borealis in the night sky would of course be a lifetime experience.

Sweden is also a sparsely populated country where most regions are occupied by National Parks. Visit the Laponia National Park and Kungsleden for a tête-à-tête with virgin nature. Camping in the pristine forests is a different experience altogether. Sweden is a haven for the adventure seekers. The landscape provides ample scopes for hiking, trekking and skiing. And how would you like the idea of a sledge ride with a real reindeer? If you are in Sweden in the winter, it would be a crime to miss the Jukkasjarvi Ice Hotel in Kiruna. The geological findings in Oland and the rock carvings of Tanumshede are other interesting points to be visited in Sweden. 

All major Swedish cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmo have HeyHolidays accommodations in cozy local homes. So experience the wonders of Scandinavian landscape from the comfortable lodging options of HeyHolidays. And once done with nature gazing, don’t forget to shop for the famous Swedish glassworks and crystals. Your HeyHolidays apartment host can also guide you to a local store selling affordable ones. And don’t forget to include the traditional Dala horse in your cart.

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Denmark: Denmark is perhaps the Scandinavian country with the most varied geographical features. From undulating agricultural plains, to extensive coastal landscapes, and from dense evergreen forests to lowland marshes, Denmark has it all. An overall impression for any traveler in Denmark will be an overbearing presence of greenery.

The Jutland region connects Denmark to the European continent, and is home to some of the main Danish cities like Aarhus, Ebeltoft, Silkeborg, and Ribe. Spend a few thrilling hours in Tivoli Gardens, one of the oldest amusement parks of the world. And what about shopping for some Lego toys right from their birthplace? Denmark can well be termed as the culture capital of Europe. The art museums and music festivals here are not to be missed. The modern cities of Copenhagen and Aarhus will make you marvel at the fact that modern architecture has so well been blended into the age old cobbled lanes. Step back in time with a trip to Funen, the birth place of Hans Christian Andersen. The island still lives with a delightful old world charm as castles, manor houses and winding ancient lanes welcome you to time travel. And if you want more of history, Zealand is your place. The Viking ships and Viking houses here are sure to give you goose bumps!

And now it’s time for some moments with nature alone. Denmark boasts of some of the best coasts of Europe. True to its name, Jutland juts right into the sea thus giving you miles of white sand beaches, dunes, cliffs and idyllic fishing villages. The eastern part of Jutland is even more dramatic as the valleys and deep fjords carved here date right back to the ice age. Moving in from the coastline, you will find a lush green country side with miles of meadows. The Waden sea National Park in south Jutland is again a paradise for bird watchers and nature lovers. If you are wondering where to stay in Denmark, you can rest assured as the HeyHolidays holiday apartments in and around Denmark are just what a tourist can ever wish for.

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Iceland: This part of Scandinavia is another gem for tourists who want to experience something different. This part of the globe had been developed by geological activities 25 million years back, and hence is one of the youngest existing landmasses. The nascent landmass is therefore home to a number of volcanoes which add to the amazing geographical features of Iceland. Striking hills, black lava fields, geysers and geothermal pools are all products of the volcanic landscape which is sure to leave you gaping at the wonders of nature. When the landscape is this dramatic, there is naturally scope for a host of outdoor activities in Iceland. Close to the pole, Iceland too is blessed with long hours of sunlight, which makes hiking and camping ideal in summer. And when nights are longer in winter, the magnificent Aurora Borealis is there to fascinate you.

The Iceland coastline is a delight for marine life enthusiasts. Be there in the summer months, and you can be sure to sight a few dolphins, seals, orcas and blue whales splashing out of the water just ahead your cruise boat. Summer in Iceland is also a treat to the bird watchers, who delight at the sight of rare Atlantic seabirds like Puffins, and razorbills feeling at home in the wetlands. As population is extremely low, nature in Iceland is in its purest form.

As the name suggests, a major part of Iceland is sheathed in ice. So if trekking is your passion, be sure to experience some unforgettable moments in the glacial landscape. The volcanic landscape has created some magical caves. Gjábakkahellir Cave near the Þingvellir National Park in summer, and the Leiðarendi Cave in the Bláfjöll area in winter are the most popular ones for Iceland tourists a walk into these breathtaking magma chambers is of course an experience of a lifetime.  

The people of Iceland are extremely friendly, and you can feel the warmth of their hospitality in the HeyHolidays holiday rentals here. The hosts in the HeyHolidays apartments of Iceland vow to keep you warm and snug. And if you are wondering about the unique local cuisine of this amazing country, your host is sure to serve you some authentic local dish with the fresh water catch.

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