The hustle and bustle in the city is on! The athletes are gearing up for their respective runs and the crowd is electrifying their props to create louder cheers. What is your reason to touchdown Rio de Janeiro? Rio is a fascinating destination where mountains and beaches meet, a scintillating spectacle ever waiting to be marveled. It is one of the most populous cities with vibrant colours, stories related to history and heritage, works of pride and legacy, and, artful portrayal of culture and tradition, all of which keeps the city bound together. Rio, as it is popularly known, is the second largest city in Brazil and the third largest metropolis in the whole of South America. May be it is time you explored the visual feast of Rio with HeyHolidays beyond the Olympics!

What makes Rio the most visited in the entire Southern Hemisphere? There exists plenty of reasons to substantiate the statistics.

1) Witness one of the world’s wonders

A panel of expert architects come together to take a call on the final list of seven worldly wonders. Christ the Redeemer stands atop the Corcovado Mountain to be one of them. Take a tour of the visual marvel that overlooks the entire city of Rio de Janeiro with the help of HeyHolidays. A symbolic representation of the city awaits your presence with open arms.


2. Slide along the scintillating visions

A cableway from Praia Vermelha to the Sugarloaf Mountain is strung, providing an unparalleled sneak into the city. With the cable car sliding at a maximum speed of 6 meters per second, the view outside the window looks to be in a near standstill. Such is the tranquility of this marvelous piece. Enjoy an enchanting experience mid-air!


3. Breathe in the breeze flowing across Atlantic Ocean

Enter the city of Rio where the temperatures rarely cross beyond 26 degrees owing to the majestic Atlantic Ocean. Explore and experience the cool breeze that flows across the blue oceanic waters. Step down to Rio and let the wind flow past you leaving no inch untouched. Get a closer sensation of Rio with HeyHolidays!


4. Indulge in the best escapes anyone can have

If you are a beach fan, it doesn’t get better than this! Catch the incredible surfing waves of Prainha Beach and the water-bound athletes skimming effortlessly over and under them. The waves in combination with the athletes and their skills is an entertainment seldom witnessed.

The characteristics of beaches doesn’t limit to the adrenaline driven ones only. Exploit the chance of lazing on the shores of Ipanema Beach which is only one in a magnifying many.  


5. Come alive to the carnival

The Rio Carnival is an annual grandeur! It is usually celebrated in the month of February, which is the hottest time in the region. The decorations of the event is sure to leave you chilled enough to break no sweat. One of the most involved groups in Rio Carnival are the poorest neighborhoods called, favelas. Catch the fiery performers burn the stage at Rio!

Rio is beyond sports and stadiums. Explore, engross and engage in some of the most riveting visions of the world’s heritage. While the rest watches Olympics on the television, exploit your chances to enjoy the best of both worlds under one roof with HeyHolidays.