5 Trip Ideas to Revive the Old Bonds this Friendship Day

When was the last time you friends had a blast? When was the last time you have poured your heart out to your friends? Do the fun-filled days of your college excursion seem like history today? Maybe it’s time now to relive those golden moments of your friendship and recharge the bond you guys have been sharing for so long. With the Friendship Day just round the corner, why not grab this chance to make a quick holiday of pure fun and friendship? Why not put your feet up and let your mind relax in the company of your closest pals? Check out these trip ideas from HeyHolidays and see what suits your group best.

Thailand: Exotic beaches, tropical islands, scintillating nightlife, endless shopping options, Thailand has every ingredient to optimize your holiday experience. And you know what? Thailand is best experienced with one’s friends. So if you are with your buddies who have a knack for excitement, then why not participate in the host of activities that the island has to offer?

Go scuba diving in the crystal glass waters of the Ko Samet, Phuket or the Similan Islands, and marvel at the tropical marine life. Most of the islands in Thailand are almost deserted. So you can laze around in the beaches till dawn, strumming your guitar and reviving the old times with the booze of your choice. The Monkey Beach in the KoPhi Phi Island is another popular choice for enjoying the sea and Thailand’s fabled nightlife.

It goes without saying that Thailand’s nightlife is best enjoyed with buddies. Enjoy the famous Full Moon Party of Thailand beaches where all you need to do is let your hair down and have a blast with your friends.

The northern parts of Thailand are a haven for trekking and enjoying the wilderness. The Kho Yai National Park is an excellent option for hiking and enjoying the flora and fauna.

Back home, you may have dined in some fine dining Thai restaurant with your friends. But we can bet that you that Thai street food would be nowhere near to your restaurant experience. Every street corner is a bustling hive of street food stalls, whose variety and aroma will keep you drooling for more.

Rent bikes from your HeyHolidays apartment hosts and set off to explore the magical islands like a vagabond. And for the perfect Friendship Day gift, take a peep at the famous night markets of Thailand.

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Bali: Another tropical paradise, and a perfect getaway for tightening those friendship ties. Exotic beaches, idyllic valleys and striking volcanic hills make Bali a paradise for backpackers and nature lovers. And to add to it, Bali bestows upon its tourists an enriching cultural experience. HeyHolidays finds out the best ways to experience Bali with your friends.  

Bali will fascinate you beach lovers with its myriad shades of blue. Palm lined beaches await you to have a splash or simply lounge in the tropical sun. If your group has a streak of adventure, go for the reef cruises and water sports. The Bali High cruises from Kuta Beach will spoil you for choice in this matter. Most islands in Bali are deserted, making it possible for you to cruise out to remote islands where you and your buddies can fool around just like the good old days.

The volcanic hillscape of Bali has created a number of easy trekking trails. So pack your trekking gears and head out on a memorable trek where you once again work as a team and revive the old spirit of friendship. Mount Batur promises to be one such idea trekking destination where a two hour trek will treat you with a bird’s eye view of a picture postcard valley and lake below.

The Bali valleys are carpeted with emerald shaded rice fields. Cycling your way through these with your group is again an awesome experience which is sure to bring flashbacks of your childhood memories. Laze around in the fields of Ubud and Jatiluwih and soothe your soul with the serenity of sun-kissed fields in the evening.

Bali is famous for its tropical spas. Make it a point to recharge yourselves with some authentic massages.

If you are with your friends, and want to have sheer fun, then it would be a sin to miss out Bali’s nightlife. All the major beaches of Bali have pulsating nightclubs with a traditional Balinese ambience as a bonus. So go tap your feet to the tunes as the cool sea breeze refreshes you.

HeyHolidays has numerous stay options in Bali. You simply have to be here to experience what it’s like to be with a Balinese host in a typical HeyHolidays homestay.

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Turkey: Nature, history, culture; whatever your interest is, Turkey has something for you all. Blending the best of the East and the West, Turkey promises to be a fascinating journey in every sense.

Being guarded by the Aegean and Mediterranean, Turkey boasts of a pristine coastline with exotic locales where mountains and forests form a dramatic backdrop. Bodrum and Fethiye have excellent cruise options where you can catch up with each other amidst the azure waters. Need more adventure? A short drive from Fethiye will take you to the Babadag Mountains, from where you can paraglide over a mesmerizing blue green landscape rising from the coast. The icy blue travertine steps at Pamukkale should be next on your Turkey check list.

Marvel at the beauty of Hagia Sophia with its beautiful minarets and enormous frescoes. Step back in history as you visit the colossal monuments of Ephesus, one of the still standing Roman cities. If there is a photographer in your group, then do not miss the dramatic Cappadocia hills. A balloon ride across the bizarre rock structures and Byzantine monuments will be a feast to the photographer’s eye. Travel to the barren mountains of Nemrut, where gigantic stone heads of ancient statues stand watching the change of centuries. Pergamum is another ancient remain of a Greco Roman opera house perched panoramic landscape.

The Turkish folks are known to be extremely warm and friendly. Experience the warmth and hospitality of a Turkish family yourself as you stay in a HeyHolidays vacation rental. The culture of Turkey is an experience in itself. From performing street artists to dazzling bazaars, and from divinely smelling cafes to memorable cultural shows, Turkey has an endless list to offer. And undoubtedly, this magical land would be best enjoyed with your friends at your side. So plan ahead for the Friendship Day, and travel here to create memories of a lifetime.

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Italy: Italy is the next suggestion by HeyHolidays for celebrating the bond you and your friends have been sharing. With a sparkling Mediterranean coastline, exotic locales, remnants of the Roman architecture, magnificent artworks, and a zesty cultural scenario, Italy is a country which will leave you longing for more.

Every city in Italy proudly cherishes ruins of its glorious past. The Colosseum, the Tower of Pisa, the ruins of Pompeii, and the famous museums of Italy will all give you a ride back in time.

If you want a few days amidst the Mediterranean blues, the Amalfi coast and Sardinia are your places to be in.

Who says Italy is just sun and water? The northwestern border of the country is guarded by the Alps, giving Italy a snowcapped landscape. Visit Piemont if you long for a taste of the mountains, and while here, why not try some skiing on the slopes?

Tuscany is an idyllic land of miles of olive groves and vineyards. Imagine lazing around with your group, and enjoying the Mediterranean sun as you chat and sip on a local wine. Can your Friendship Day really get any better? The laid back and idyllic Italian towns are indeed the best places to unwind and savor the local delicacies.   

Venice awaits you with exotic Mediterranean cuisine at the end of a gondola ride. Have you guys always been fighting over the last slice of pizza? Taste the authentic Pizzas here and share numerous such frivolous moments to pull your friendship bonds closer in this trip.

HeyHolidays has arrangements around Italy to ensure that your Friendship Day weekend here is spent in utmost comfort. With friendly hosts and cozy homelike arrangements, your stint in Italy will be packed with fun.

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Goa: They say Goa is best enjoyed with friends. With scenic seascapes, a host of activities, and a vibrant nightlife, Goa is indeed a place which can be enjoyed to the core only if you are with your closest ones. There is no end to what you can do in Goa. So HeyHolidays lists a few things which a true blue Goan holiday must have.

Together North and South Goa has numerous beaches. If you wish to be in the popular ones, go for Calangute, Baga, Anjuna, and Bambolim. But if you wish for some quiet undisturbed days with your buddies, choose a less popular beach. The shacks and vendors may be lesser here, and you will enjoy your moments of quietude. Almost all beaches in Goa have arrangements for water sports. So pick the activity of your interest and make the most of the waters.

You might have visited Goa earlier, but this pretty Portuguese settlement is a different beauty altogether in this time of the year. Rain washed and greener, Goa in the monsoons is just what you need to unwind and connect with your friends. Moving away from the bustle of the beaches, you will find the Goan hills to be a mesmerizing landscape of waterfalls and lakes. Plan a picnic in the The Dudhsagar Falls or the Mayem Lake to spend a few carefree hours and catch up with your buddies.

Goan history is as enticing as the region itself. Feel the valor of the old times in the Fort Corjuem and Fort Aguda. Goa has been colonized by many settlements, and hence the architecture here bears traces of a beautiful cultural blend. The Goan churches like the church of St Augustine and the Basilica of Bom Jesus top the visitor’s list in Goa.

When you are in Goa with your friends and it’s the Friendship Day, what better way to wrap up the evening than to plunge into the famous Goan nightlife? You will find here numerous pubs and shacks playing the perfect beats for chilling out. And to make the night perfect, here comes an amazing spread of seafood cooked in authentic Goan style. So just tap your feet, sip on the famous Goan booze, bite into the fresh sea catch, talk your heart out, and return home feeling your friendship growing stronger.

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