6 Common Excuses for Not Travelling

Excusing yourself from travelling doesn’t mean you are not a traveller at heart. Most of the time you don’t have our priorities set and end up excusing yourself from the next trip. If you look back and see, you will realize that most of your excuses fall flat and do not affect your desire to travel too much.

More often than not, our limitations in travelling arise within ourselves. One needs to go past certain established mindsets to embrace the new experiences travel has to offer.

But hey, you are not alone. Here are six common excuses people give for not travelling.

I Am Still Saving Up

Oh, but you never will. Stop being pessimistic and start getting your priorities straight. Money will not define your travel. One keeps saying that they cannot afford to travel presently and saving up for a big one. Truth is, one does not need a huge amount of money to travel.  One can practically travel for free if he or she knows how to. Trust us, it’s not such a big deal.

I Don’t Like Staying At Hotels

Truth is, you don’t have to. Go camping or visit a friend in a different city. If you are looking for comfortable accommodations minus all the strict behavioural rules at hotels, go for a homestay. Try out HeyHolidays – we provide short stay accommodation options and connect you to hosts offering variety of properties on rent – from single rooms to gigantic mansions. What’s more, you get to meet some of the coolest hosts and experience a place in its local essence.

I don’t Have Time Now

Everybody has time to travel. This is one of the worst excuses and just underlines the hesitation to embrace a new place. Making time for travel is not difficult, you just need to be headstrong and hit the road. A couple of days of leave from your office won’t make you lose your job! Go, take that trip you were always waiting for.

I don’t Have Company

Travellers swear by travelling solo and once you start doing it, you will know it too. From experiencing freedom like never before to inspiring others to travel, travelling solo is a thrill that is addictive to say the very least. Not only you will meet a whole lot of new people, you will also see things differently. It’s the best spice in life that you can possibly imagine.

I Don’t Speak The Language

Okay, most places have residents speaking English or at least having the ability to communicate enough and help. Not speaking a language is an idiotic excuse to not travel that people commonly give. Communicating at a foreign location may seem like a daunting task but it is not. A day at a place and you will start noticing language patterns and physical gestures native to a place and by the end of the second day, we are sure you will be comfortably making your way around.

I Am Too Young

Excuse me, did you just say that? Isn’t our youths supposed to be that one period where new experiences are generously allowed? Being young gives you a physical leash to travel too, so not set out for a new destination when you are still in the pink of health! Travel now for it is only when we are young that we truly relish the unique experiences without being too pushed down by the bad ones. Youth is that one period in life where everything will seem to have a positive side, and there cannot be any better time to travel than this.

No matter where you are or what you do, you can never have an excuse to not travel. Don’t push away travelling for another day because that another day never comes.