Magical Europe

Have you been dreaming of a Europe trip for long, but have been postponing it on second thoughts? Here is how you can experience Europe easy in your reach.   

Spain: Spain is a country that simply amazes its visitors with its natural diversity and cultural brilliance. Whether you are traveling with your family or backpacking alone, Spain is suited for it all. With its exotic Mediterranean beaches, national parks and volcanic mountains, Spain charms all nature lovers. But nature is not all in this magical country. Pep up your holiday with the famous Spanish cruises, enjoy the pulsating nightlife, and dance to Flamenco beats as you feel the richness of the country’s culture. A number of hosts across the country has partnered with HeyHolidays to arrange comfortable and affordable bed n breakfast accommodations for you. A trip to Spain is indeed in your budget if you plan ahead and choose the right stay options.

Italy: If you wish to savour a slice of Mediterranean life, Italy is where you should be headed. With remnants of the Roman architecture, idyllic by-lanes, and exotic coasts this country is an epicure’s paradise. Explore the architectural wonders of Rome, Pisa, Florence, Milan, and Verona. The romantic in you must have been dreaming of a gondola ride in Venice for long. And what about your foodie partner who would love to savour the famous gastronomic spread of this country? You simply cannot miss out Naples, the birth place of your pizza! Simply head for Italy and trust HeyHolidays to arrange the most amazing vacation rentals possible in your budget.

France: France probably tops the list of the popular tourist destinations of Europe. Explore Paris through the eyes of a romantic. Marvel at the treasures of Louvre. Unwind in the French coast with exotic Mediterranean cruises, and the fabled French cuisine. Relive the pages of history as you visit the endless cathedrals and palaces. France is a dreamland for all art and fashion enthusiasts, and you simply cannot resist the charm of the endless cafes and art galleries sprinkled around almost every street corner. It is a long list to to-dos when you are in France. Your lodging option as always can be the comfy and hospitable holiday rentals of HeyHolidays.

Austria: Austria, the picture postcard piece of Europe, is sure to gift its tourists with a holiday of a lifetime. Nestled in Alpine foothills, Austria is a haven for nature lovers. While the country side beckons with its pristine and idyllic charm, the Austrian cities like Vienna and Salzburg reverberate with history and glory. Operas, museums and palaces make a long list in these Austrian cities to transport you back a few centuries.  Add a bit of adventure to your trip as you ski in the alpine slopes of Innsbruck or Solden. Explore the richness of this country as you depend on HeyHolidays to provide the best lodging options throughout your stay.

United Kingdom: A visit to Europe remains unfinished without UK in the itinerary. Laden with history and natural beauty, the British island makes a promising trip indeed. Here is how to make the most of your days in the UK. Taste the typical English country life in the HeyHolidays rooms scattered across the countryside. Take a tour of London to witness the thrill inside medieval castles and royal architectures. Visit the Stonehenge and gape at the gigantic structure built for reasons yet unknown to mankind. Oxford, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, each city here has a different story to tell. So sketch an eventful tour plan, and take home memories for a lifetime.

Greece: This country in the southern tip of Europe boasts of exotic islands, and ancient relics that transport the beholders to a different world altogether. Athens and Olympia treasure their mansions and monuments from the bygone days, and a trip to these ancient cities is pure thrill as one feels the classics unfurl in the relics.  With a dazzling blue coastline, and white buildings dotting the hillside, Santorini is a refreshing retreat.  The crystal blue waters of Rhodes and Zakynthos Island draw the beach lovers from around the globe. The Mediterranean country has a distinct culinary style, and is a sheer pleasure to the connoisseurs. To ensure that tourists get the real feel of life in Greece, HeyHolidays accommodates them in warm and welcoming Greek homestays.