6 Reasons Why Scotland OF India – Coorg should be your next travel destination

Scotland! The name itself gives you the tingling of a heavenly experience amidst the delightful arms of nature! But what if we told you that our country itself has a paradise like that? Yes! It’s none other than the stunning Coorg, located amongst the luscious Western Ghats! The world-class coffee and the gorgeous scenery here make for a vacation of a lifetime, but if you visit this beauty once, you are bound to go back again and again!

We will give you six reasons why you will fall in love with Coorg and must top your vacation plans this year!

The Brew That Will Stick to Your Palette

Coorg has some of the best strains of coffee in the world. For all those caffeine lovers out there, we know how much your morning cup means to you. Come to Coorg and the coffee here will make you want to wake up to it, again and again. Get yourself a tour of all the coffee plantations here and you will be amazed at the sheer variety of international coffee being produced here. Don’t forget the Orange County plantations – it’s literally an Eden Garden of coffee!

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A Search for the Inner Divine

Home to one of the most serene monasteries in the world, the Namdroling Nyingmapa Tibetan Monastery will leave you breathless with its peaceful ambiance. A hotspot for mythological history lovers, the walls of this gorgeous monastery – which houses three 40-feet long Buddha statues – is a library of Buddhist literature. There’s also the Omkareshwara Temple – a stunning mix of Gothic and Islamic architecture. Resembling a Dargah, this temple is one of the most revered across the world.

Fall-ing Away to Glory

Visit the Abbey Falls post monsoon and you will wonder, why do we even need bathrooms? One of the most scenic places in the country, the gushing waters of the Abbey Falls will make you want just float away in time. The rapturous sound of the water will not bother you one bit and only adds to the peaceful atmosphere of the locale. The Iruppu Falls are even more breath-taking with the waters rushing on in one consistent rhythm. Nature always a way with music, doesn’t it?

Wildlife Enthusiasts… Ahoy!

One of the richest reserves of biodiversity in India, Coorg is home to some of the most perfectly preserved wildlife. Talakaveri Wildlife Sanctuary is great for a trek and you may even catch the Lord of the Jungle casually strolling around, not to mention the abundant jackals, porcupines, giant flying squirrels and so on. The Nagarhole National Park is home to over 270 species of birds and boasts of open sight-lines along the river – perfect spots to catch a glimpse of your favorite wild animal!

The Colours of Life

Home to the Kodava community, also known as the warrior people, Coorg is home to some exquisite indigenous culture. If you are visiting post November, don’t even dream of missing the Puthari festival – the celebration of annual harvest for the locals. Coorg also hosts one of the biggest field hockey events in the world – Kodava Hockey Festival and is one of the places where the national sport os played with unparalleled zeal.

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There’s Always Something to Do

Yes, you will always find something to do in Coorg. Whether it is soaking in a sunset on the Mandalpatti View Point or going angling for the Mahseet fish, you will find yourself busy immersed in Coorg’s innumerable activity trails. You can also visit Nisargadhama, an island off Cauvery river which can be accessed by a hanging bridge or go Microlighting at Ponnampet. Quite a thrilling place we must say!


Are you still wondering at how a place can be this sensationally stunning? Stop wondering and go experience it for yourself! Coorg will make you forget about Scotland and fall in love with our country’s very own land of nirvana. Run, pack your bags and make sure you are on your way to Coorg on the next vacation!