7 signs you are a superb traveller

Travelling is a global phenomenon today. From a weekend getaway to a yearlong sabbatical, everyone is indulging in a vacation. But yes, very few people travel. Travellers are known for their adjustment skills and ability to blend in with their new surroundings. Comparatively, the new-age vacationer is not exactly a traveller, being more interested in creating in taking a break from their daily lives rather than indulging in a journey of exploration.

You will also find tourists mostly out with a gang of friends or their partners while you will ideally find a traveller alone rather than with a gang. For tourists, its mostly about a holiday, depending mainly on budget-friendly travel packages, carrying unnecessary luggage and of course, having fixed times to travel. Travellers relish the journey, heading problem face-on and hitting the road whenever there is an opportunity for one.

So, are you a superb traveller? Read onto find out!

Your Best Friend Is A Map

You know why we say this – you are either hooked to a map on your wall or Google Maps on your phone, planning you next trip. You never get tired of looking up new places and just randomly pin-pointing places on maps as your next destination. Ready to hit the road?

You Are A Planner Par Excellence

Oh yes, you plan like a pro. However, you are not like the regular tourists planning everything in advance – from shopping to skiing. You’re the kind who would rather plan for a couple of days and then just go with the flow, experiencing new lifestyles and cultures.

Your Packing Skills Are Unmatched

A major difference between travellers and tourists is that travellers pack a lot but bring back little while a tourist packs little and brings back a lot. If you are a superb traveller, you pack the necessities perfectly and are not a person who believes in carrying around annoyingly heavy luggage.

You Love Travelling Local

Don’t you just adore meeting new people and experiencing a whole new culture? From giving new cuisines and palettes a try to risking new adventures, you idealize everything new in life. Next time you travel, don’t forget to book a homestay with HeyHolidays. From single rooms to private bungalows, HeyHolidays homes    will put you through to some of the best accommodations with the coolest hosts. Not only do you get to experience local cultures first-hand with HeyHolidays rentals you also have a point of contact for all your queries.

You Learn Languages...In A Snap

Having travelled to innumerable places, you are quick to pick up languages. If you are a superb traveller, you are sure to know at least three to four languages properly and a host of words in many other languages. Being able to easily pick up languages and communication patterns of a new place, you are not daunted by the task of communicating with people on a foreign land.

You Are Out Not Uncomfortable Outside Your Comfort Zone

]You have seen and done things which are new to you. You have gone through troubles like being stranded in the middle of nowhere and eating stuff you never even imagined being edible. You have been out of your comfort zone way too often to be uncomfortable to things which surprise or even shock you.

You Love sharing Your Experiences

Whether it is a full-fledged blog or a series of Instagram posts, your travel itineries are too die for. Unlike tourists who only want to show the world that they are travelling, travellers like you share experiences for people to enjoy. You also share your itineries in the hope of inspiring someone to travel or a fellow traveller to indulge in similar experiences.

Now you know that you’re a great traveller. So what are you still thinking? Pack your bags, book an accommodation at HeyHolidays and set out for another journey of unparalleled experiences.