8 Getaways for Independence Day weekend!

Long weekends are the ideal holidays for unwinding in the midst of your busy mid-year schedule. So if you are really longing for a break, here is your chance an oxygen trip. The Independence Day weekend will give you four solid days of rest, and what better way to enjoy than to spend those in the lap of nature? You simply need to step out of your city to find picturesque locales waiting to refresh you to the core. Be it rolling hills, dense forests, or a few days of splashing in the sea, your options for the Independence Day weekend are endless. HeyHolidays has listed 8 destinations which rank top among holiday goers when it comes to taking a quick break.

Goa: Well, maybe you have already been to Goa in your bachelor days. So why not relive the fun this holiday? With miles of turquoise water, palm lined beaches, distant cliffs, verdant locales, antiquated churches, and a charming way of life, Goa poses to be a perfect destination for any holiday.  North and South Goa together has a long list of beaches, each of which has a different flavor to offer. But as your stay will be short, HeyHolidays points out the absolutely not to be missed things in Goa.

 Calangute, Baga, Anjuna, and Bambolim are some of the most visited beaches here. So take a dip in the sea and enjoy some amazing water activities, and when it starts raining, simply run to a nearby shack to enjoy an awesome sea food platter. Goa in the monsoons is a divine mix to blue waters and rain washed greens. So moving away from the beaches, you will find the Goan hills a brilliant picture of waterfalls and lakes. The Dudhsagar Falls and Mayem Lake top the list of places for a mid day picnic. Take a course of Goan history as you visit the Fort Corjuem and Fort Aguda. Even the Goan churches like the church of St Augustine and the Basilica of Bom Jesus speak of a fascinating history. Your motto for a weekend holiday would naturally be to relax the most, and the Goan nightlife is precisely what you need for that. Wrap up your trip with a few exciting hours of shopping for souvenirs.

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Coorg: If your idea of relaxing is to have a solitary meeting with nature, then Coorg is your place. With mists, mountains, greens, and solitude, Coorg is rightly called the Scotland of India. You will find here green hills sloping down to meet lush valleys, and one can well imagine the scenery when it starts to drizzle in this emerald land.

Visit the Raja’s Seat and Mandalpatti for a bird’s eye view of the distant Western Ghats. The coffee plantations here produce some of the best coffees of the country, and while you soothe your eyes with the greenery, sample some freshly ground local coffee. A short trip from Coorg will take you to the Cauvery Nisargadhama, a picturesque island formed by the river Cauvery. The rope bridge walk to the actual island will be an extra perk for the adventure seekers. Keep your cameras ready because the abundance of foliage makes Coorg a paradise for bird watchers and wildlife lovers. Try not to miss the Tibetan monasteries near Coorg, as the serenity here is sure to heal your tired city soul.

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Wayanad: This Kerala retreat with its evergreen landscape is another treat to the city dwellers craving for a midyear holiday. HeyHolidays has several homestays here to ensure you enjoy your holiday in a homelike comfort.

At this time of the year, the Wayanad landscape will be a feast of green shades. With rain washed valleys, distant misty hills, ancient caves, and abundant wildlife, Wayanad promises to be a perfect spot for spending the Independence Day weekend. Wayanad receives a good share of the country’s rainfall, and hence the waterfalls here are well fed and perfect as a backdrop of your for a family picture. The Wayanad forests are listed under UNESCO’s World Network of Biosphere Reserves. Home to a delightful variety of animals and birds, they promise to give you memorable jungle safaris. The Wayanad spice plantations are picturesque locales which produce some of the best peppers of the world. Take a trip back in time as you visit the Neolithic Age cave paintings at Edakkal Caves.

Agra: If you are a lover of art and history, and wish to witness the witness brilliance of Mughal architecture, then Agra is your place to be for the upcoming long weekend of Independence Day. Spend a day reeling in the beauty of the Taj Mahal. In fact, an entire day is not enough to appreciate the beauty of this Wonder of the World. While you can admire the detailed meenakari works on the marble, visit the Taj again after sunset to find the white marble shining in an ethereal glow under the moonlight. 

Revise your history lessons at the Agra Fort, where Shah Jahan had been held captive till death. You are sure to have goose bumps standing in front of the window from where the old emperor gazed at his beloved Taj Mahal in the distance. Stop next at the Fatehpur Sikri, where a delightful blend of Persian European and Hindu architecture will make you wonder at the craftsmanship. Akbar’s Tomb and Dayal Bagh are also fascinating sites for history lovers. And what’s more, if you are in Agra, you can easily travel to Delhi and watch the Independence Day celebration in country’s capital. And when in Agra, don’t forget to pamper your sweet tooth with the delicate Agra “pethas”. Stay in the HeyHolidays accommodation in Agra to make your holifday perfect.

Lonavala: Lonavala is a misty green landscape which promises a perfect holiday for a monsoon weekend. Whether you are looking for a quiet few days amidst nature, or wish to spice up your life with a little adventure, Lonavala is bound to satisfy you. Lonavala is guarded by a dense forest crisscrossed with waterfalls and streams.

Visit the Tiger’s Leap and Amrutanjan Point for some breathtaking views of the surrounding hills. Lonavala is its misty best in the Bushi Dam, where the Indrayani River gushes over a rocky bed to create a divine view. Reserve a day to visit the caves and forts around Lonavala. A short drive from here will take you to Khandala. While you enjoy the green Western Ghat scenery enroute, Khandala itself will gift you with some charming locales. The Rajmachi Fort on your way is another picturesque spot which overlooks an evergreen wall of hills and waterfalls. If you wish to relax and have some fun in your weekend trip, what better way to do it than spend a day in the Imagica Adlabs on your way to Lonavala. And while you are in Lonavala, it would be a sin not to try some famous Lonavala “Chikki”.

HeyHolidays has a number of stay options in Lonavala. So take your pick and spend a relaxing few days in the midst of nature.

Kashid: This beach town in Maharashtra is a favorite among the ones who love a quiet holiday amidst sand and sea. Though the Konkan coast has numerous beaches, here is why HeyHolidays finds Kashid so different and so beautiful. Kashid boasts of a spotless coastline, where white sand meets with azure Arabian Sea waters, and groves of casuarinas near the shore add to the greenery. The Kashid beach is crisscrossed by several inland streams, giving the seascape an extra edge.

The beach offers ample scopes for adventure activities like parasailing, surfing, jetrides, and the like. So pep up your holiday with some beach fun. Savor some of the sea food dishes offered in the local shacks here. Close to the beach is the Kolaba fort which speaks of a gallant Maratha history under Shivaji. The Murud Manjira Fort, built to protect the inland from the pirates, is another spectacular construction in the midst of the sea. The Korlai Fort is another beautiful locale overlooking the rocky shores of Arabian Sea. Being on the lap of the Western Ghats, Kashid is blessed with an enchanting hilly landscape. Walk around and you will discover excellent view-points tucked away in the greenery. If you are an avid birdwatcher, then take a break from your sea bathing and visit The Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary. Kashid is best explored on foot. So let your HeyHolidays homestay host guide you to some of the hidden gems of the region.

Mahabaleshwar: Mahabaleshwar has long been a top choice as a weekend getaway in the Western Ghats. Hence HeyHolidays has arrangements with several apartments here, and can guarantee you a refreshing stay in a homely ambience.

Mahabaleswar is basically a plateau placed between Mumbai and Pune. With the Western Ghat hills and valleys all around, this region is gifted with some of the best views. You will find your local guide giving you a long list of view-points like the Monkey Point, Helen’s Point, Elphinstone Point, each of which will offer breathtaking panoramas. Wilson Point is the highest peak here. Try to be there at dawn to witness one of the most memorable sunrises in your life.  If you are visiting Mahabaleswar in the Independence Day weekend, you will be just in time for the waterfalls like Dhobi and Lingmala. Fed by the heavy Maharashtra rains, these falls come alive in this season. Mahabaleshwar has acres of strawberry fields. Visit the Mapro garden and shop for their home grown jams and sauces.   

Chikmagalur: Chikmagalur is another hill station that is sure to refresh you this coming long weekend. With rolling green hills, lush valleys, exotic plantations and picturesque lakes, this Karnataka district is a favorite weekend getaway.

The Kudremukh National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which will amaze you with its exotic range of flora and fauna. Do not miss the safaris here, as you are sure to sight some rare bird species if you keep your eyes open. The National Park also allows trekking in certain areas. So keep your boots ready if trekking interests you. There is chance for another spree of adventure in the Bhadra River. Rafting is conducted here to take you down the gushing river which overlooks the distant Western Ghats and green plantations. The Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is your another chance for spotting some wildlife.  Mullayanagiri is the highest peak in Karnataka, and promises a wonderful trek up the hilly landscape. If you have the flair for adventure, do explore the few caves located just below the peak. And for the ones who wish to reach here by car, the beautiful scenery enroute are enough to unwind.  Reserve a day for Kemmanagudi, a verdant hill dressed in unimaginable shades of green. With several falls, rock gardens and temples to visit, your day in Kemmanagudi will be well spent.

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