8 Indian Holiday Rentals that Promise a Stay with a Difference

You must have had a number of lovely holidays in hotels or resorts at popular hill stations or seaside.  Why not plan out of the box this time, and experience a different holiday altogether? HeyHolidays makes it possible, and that too in your budget! Here is list of 8 exotic homes which promise you a unique stay, and memories of a lifetime.

Manali Tentsville: This cluster of 8 well furnished tents in Manali, comes with a promise to treat you with comfort while still experiencing nature at its best. Step out of your cozy tent and towering hills will greet you from all sides. The grounds are open for campfires and parties, so that you make the most of your time here. With the mountain breeze flapping on your tent, and birds chirping right outside, your stay here is bound to be one of a kind.

Price: Rs 1500 for 1 guest per night

Tribal Mud Hut, Wayanad: This tiny mud hut in Wayanad is ready to make you experience life in a traditional tribal hut. With mud walls, tiled roof and tribal motifs all around, this cozy hut is a unique stay option. Explore the lush Wayanad locales in close proximity of this mud house. The host here vows to treat you to a memorable hospitality for a reasonable charge.

Price: Rs 2500 for 2 guests per night

Tree House, Wayanad: Another wonderful lodging option in Wayanad is in its tree houses. This HeyHolidays tree house is an affordable home nestled among a cluster of coconut and betel nut trees, and offers an amazing ambience. The hut is methodically decked with bamboo walls, thatched roofs, bamboo furniture and hand-woven cane partitions to retain the flavor of the wilderness. If the greenery around is not enough, take a short ride to the woods ahead and experience some amazing moments with the Wayanad wildlife. 

Price: Rs 4400 for 4 guests per night

Boat stay, Kashmir: A trip to Kashmir is incomplete without a stay in its fabled house boats. HeyHolidays teams with a splendid house boat to promise you a luxurious living in an affordable budget. The boat is adorned in a traditional style, with rich Kashmiri carpets and intricately carved furniture all around. The outside sitting area is a treat for the guests as it offers a picture perfect view of the lake and its activities.

Price: Rs 2600 for 2 guests per night

Private Island, Kerala: Ever dreamt of being marooned in an island with emerald green water lapping at your feet? Our host in this magical island of Munroe makes it possible. Munroe Island is a tiny isle of a few isolated huts hidden amidst a dense tropical vegetation. Surrounding the island is the Kerala backwater awaiting you with a host of activities. Spend a few days in the camp here to experience a different Kerala altogether.

Price: Rs 1650 for 1 guest per night 

Bamboo Hut, Madikeri:This HeyHolidays hut in Madikeri is a typical bamboo shed built to give you a slice of village life in Karnataka. The hut is located right at the heart of a coffee estate, where shades of green all around will surely give a treat to your senses.  A tiny stream runs very near to the hut, giving you an ideal spot for a picnic. Far from the chaos of your city life, this hut will be an ideal home for you to unwind in.

Price: Rs 3000 for 3 guests per night

Rhododendron Forest Mud hut, Chopta: Imagine yourself in a fairytale cottage with snow clad peaks all around, and only the mountain stillness to accompany you. This is exactly what to experience in this HeyHolidays hut at Chopta. Uttarakhand is a paradise for trekkers, and exhausted from long treks to the Valley of Flowers, or Kedarnath, this cozy hut is exactly what you need to rest yourself in. Surrounded by towering oaks and rhododendrons, this hut is a dream come true for all backpackers, honeymooners, and nature lovers. The host here promises you a comfortable stay with views that will leave you gasping at the beauty of the pristine mountains. You simply have to be here to feel the magic.

Price: Rs 2200 for 6 guests per night

Stone wood Villa, Nainital: If you are planning a holiday in Nainital, this HeyHolidays villa will give you a lot more than any conventional hotel. The villa is secured in an oak forest, far removed from the hustle of tourists in the main Nainital Lake region. The position in fact, is in the midst of the surrounding hill stations like Ranikhet, Mukteswa, and Bhimtal, thus giving you an easy access to all the places you wish to visit. The house itself is furnished with the best of modern amenities, while still retaining the flavor of the colonial days. If nature and tranquility is what you are seeking, this villa will be all that you need.

Price: Rs 5500 for 4 guests per night