A Quick Tour of Rajasthan

Magnificent forts, camel rides on the Thor, miles of sand, a colorful extravaganza, and a ride back in history. That quite describes Rajasthan to any tourist. This Indian state has long been a major attraction for tourists from across the country and beyond. So HeyHolidays tries to sum up what Rajasthan is all about.

Culture of Rajasthan: Rajasthan-the name literally translates into ‘Land of the Kings’. With a history of rise and fall of empires, and of battles fought time and again, Rajasthan today has evolved into a cultural landscape that is royal and overwhelming.

Under the patronage of the Mughal and Rajput rulers, a number of art styles had developed down the generations. Of these, the miniature painting is admired for its intricate detailing. The same can be said about Jaipur’s blue pottery, the wood carved furniture, and meenakari work of Rajasthan. The art styles of Rajasthan have found their way to the region’s textile industry also, and artisans here have mastered the art of translating pictures into beautifully carved blocks for textile printing.

The tribes of Rajputana each have their distinct style of music and dance. Colorful and captivating, the dances like ghoomar and kalbelia are still sung to retell ancient ballads of love and gallantry. Sitting by a bonfire in a desert camp, being in the midst of nowhere, and watching one such folk performance can be an out of the world experience. The people of Rajasthan believe in a zestful life, and the same reflects in the fairs and festivals of the land.

Rajasthani Cuisine: Rajasthan is basically an arid land, and the cuisine here is naturally evolved from the habit of cooking a meal out of scratch. The people here have learnt to cook food that will stay dry and last for long, even in battlefields. Hence comes the Rajasthani expertise in preparing snacks like bhujia and pakora. Since fresh vegetables are scarce, most dishes here are made from pulses and crops of the land. Once in Rajasthan, it would be a crime to miss the famous dal bati churma, laal maas and bajre ki roti. While eateries are numerous, your HeyHolidays apartment host will be the best one to guide you to an authentic one. And if you wish to dine in the HeyHolidays vacation rental itself, then ask your host to cook up a traditional local meal for you. And for the ones with a sweet tooth, Rajasthan is a pleasure place as the local confectionaries here produce mouthwatering besan and ghee savories.

Shopping in Rajasthan: Rajasthan is a treasure trove for any regular shopper. And for the hard core ones, the markets here are to die for. From sarees to pottery, and from woodworks to silver jewelry, Rajasthan has an alluring spread for the shoppers. Bandhani works, mirror embroidered fabrics and natural dyes textiles are the best selling items if you are looking for a garment to take from your Rajasthan trip. Leather works of Rajasthan are known for its fineness. So pick up a pair or traditional nagra sandals from any local bazar.   

HeyHolidays has found out some of the most popular bazaars to fulfill your shopping spree in Rajasthan.

For the jewelry hunters, Johari Bazar in Jaipur opens up a magical world of glittering gems and semi-precious stones. Bapu Bazar is a colorful array of handloom shops and knick knacks.

Jodhpur too is a store house of art works, and the local bazaars here will spoil you for choice with their range of Rajasthani specialties.

 If you are in Udaipur, Bara Bazar is the place to be. And if you are looking for miniature painting and other home décor items, Hathi Pol Bazar here is an impressive store.

Sadar Bazar in Jaisalmer is a one stop destination for everything you can think of buying.

No matter where you go in Rajasthan, all the markets here are characterized by a burst of colors, and a telltale local flavor. Trust your HeyHolidays apartment host to guide you to the best local markets for the best possible bargain.

History in Rajasthan: Rajputana, or present day’s Rajasthan had been home to numerous dynasties, and had witnessed many a gallant battle. Chittorgarh, Jaisalmer fort, Nahargarh Fort, Barmer Fort, Junagarh Fort, and the list goes on as the state treasures a lengthy list of forts built to guard the land. One still marvels at the intricate architecture with which the Rajpuitana Mahals or Palaces had been built ages before modern engineering had a say. The palaces bear testimony to the Mughal and Persian influences which worked to make each palace a masterpiece of craftsmanship. Time indeed stands still in the cobbled bylanes of Rajasthan towns. No matter what the guide books tell you, your HeyHolidays homestay host will surely tell you some fascinating lore centering the local fort.

Spend a few days in Rajasthan to experience the richness of the state’s culture. Witness a sunset amidst the Thor sands and be in awe at the nothingness around. Ride on a camel like a Bedouin to feel the adventure. And HeyHolidays awaits in every Rajasthan town to provide you a comfortable lodging in this rugged land. 

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