5 International Tours for Best Family Time

Don’t you thing that vacation is the time when you spend the best moments with your family? Indeed any trip is best enjoyed when you have your dear ones. so with long vacations coming up in October, why not plan a few day’s trip with your family? If you have a foreign vacation in mind, HeyHolidays can help you with some trip ideas across the globe. So set your budget, pick a location, and no matter where you travel HeyHolidays will be there to accommodate you in comfort.

Tour Thailand Malaysia Singapore: If your tour span is short, and you are on a tighter budget, it would be wisest to head East and enjoy your vacation in these three countries. Thailand is the place for you with virgin islands, famous nightlife and a rich culture.Your family will love the beaches in Phi Phi Islands, Similan Islands, and you are guaranteed some excellent moments of surfing with your better half, or teaching your kids to snorkel. Watch the sun go down as you share some fresh sea food in a beach side shack which will soon be pulsating into a pub. Take a flight from Thailand to Singapore where your family will be guaranteed to have a quality time. The Gardens by the Bay is one such nature park built next to the Marina Reservoir. The waterfront parks here are a delightful place to spend the evening in with your family. You have been to numerous zoo gardens before, but what about watching the animals up close at night? The Night Safari in Singapore the first zoo on this planet to allow visitors at night. The river Safari is another zoo and aquarium themed on the planet’s major rivers. The Universal Studios, Sentosa Beach, Jurong Bird Park, Underwater World, East Coast Park, and the list goes on for things to see and do in Singapore. And with HeyHolidays rentals across the state, your family will enjoy a home like comfort all through the trip.Then you can fly off to Malaysia, a tropical paradise perfect for family fun. Be it a relaxed holiday, or an adventure packed one, Malaysia has something in store for all. Relax with your family in the serene islands of Langkawi and Tioman. Go surfing with your kids, have beach side picnics with your family and create some crazy memories while the vacation lasts. If you have a wildlife enthusiast in your family, then the rainforests of Taman Negara will be an ideal place for spending some moments in the proximity of nature. River cruises, jungle treks, diving, fishing; wont you call this a perfect family time?

Tour Australia: Australia is an amazing land with something in store for all types of tourists. With nature abound, and world class facilities coexisting with it, Australia promises to be a fun filled family holiday destination. Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast, each are stunning cities with ample scopes to keep you and your family entertained with amusement parks, fine dining restaurants, and uber chic malls. But as you step away from the cities, the Australia awaits you with pristine beaches, virgin forests, exotic national parks, and exquisite natural wonders. Visit the Whitsunday Islands for some splendid sun soaked beach time with your family. Port Douglas is another destination for marine enthusiasts, as it is from here that you can make a trip to the Great Barrier Reef. With the reef fast being destroyed, it may be your only chance to see the wonder up close. The Kakadu National Park is a surprise package of waterfalls, rock paintings, canyons and wildlife. The Grampians National Park has some breathtaking views in addition to a fine collection of wildlife. The natural diversity of Australia is beyond imagination. Sunshine Coast, Kangaroo Island, Phillip Island, Royal National Park, Perisher Blue, Rottnest Island; it is a never ending itinerary when you are in Australia. So rest assured that a few days in Australia will gift you with some of your best family moments. And with HeyHolidays apartments in every tourist location, your trip here is bound to be free from all lodging hassles.


Tour Portugal Spain France Germany: Placed on the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is a country which naturally promises its tourists a fine beach experience. The beaches of Algarve are each pristine sea stretches of white sand and rocky cliffs. You can savor some superb sea food dishes here while you lounge around and enjoy the turquoise expanse ahead. Portugal however, is much more than sea and sand. The country is blessed with a rich history, and you will be amazed by the architectural treasures that date back five centuries. Sintra is one such quaint mountain town housing the Pene National Palace. Evora, Coimbra, Batalha, are some towns which you must visit if you are looking for a rewind of your history lessons. It would be a crime to leave Portugal without tasting some authentic port wine. Your HeyHolidays apartment host will be your best guide in this matter.From Portugal, head towards Spain is one of the most commonly picked countries for a family holiday. If you are looking for a holiday soaked in sun and sand, Spain offers exotic Mediterranean beaches of Costa del Sol. While you engage in a plethora of beach activities by the day, these beaches come alive with some happening pubs after dusk. Try not to miss the cruises on Mediterranean where you will be guaranteed some quality family time amidst serenity. The El Teide national Park with its enormous volcanic landscape, offers an amazing tour for the nature lovers. Tapping to the flamenco beats, and soaking in the rich cultural canvas of Spain, your family will remember this holiday for long. The HeyHolidays apartments in Spain are chosen with local hosts to make you feel the warmth of Spanish hospitality.From Spain travel to France providing an ideal holiday destination for all. With Eiffel Tower, Louvre, and exotic villas and cathedrals, Paris is one of the most visited cities of the world. For a distinctly Mediterranean holiday, you can pack for Nice, Marseille, or Toulouse. Relive the pages of history as you visit the endless cathedrals and palaces. Resplendent cruises along the coast always top the bucket list for tourists in France. Cozy and affordable HeyHolidays accommodations are also ready in the quaint French villages to treat you to a different experience altogether. To complete the tour make a stop to Germany. With diverse geographical facets, and a rich cultural backdrop, a trip to Germany will be an enriching one for you and your family. Witness the pages of history come alive in the numerous forts and cathedrals of Cologne, Berlin or Hamburg. As you walk through these landmarks, don’t you think this will be the best history lesson for your kids? Germany treats its tourists with some breathtaking landscapes.

Tour Austria, Switzerland, Italy: Austria is a picture postcard land which gifts its tourists with a holiday of a lifetime. Nestled in Alpine foothills, Austria is a haven for nature lovers. While the country side beckons with its pristine and idyllic charm, the Austrian cities like Vienna and Salzburg reverberate with history and glory. Operas, museums and palaces make a long list in these Austrian cities to transport you back a few centuries.  Add a bit of adventure to your trip as you ski in the alpine slopes of Innsbruck or Solden. Explore the richness of this country as you depend on HeyHolidays to provide the best lodging options throughout your stay.

When it comes to a family holiday in Europe, Switzerland is a country that tops the list. Take a trip to Switzerland from Austria to the snowcapped mountains, lush highlands, mesmerizing valleys, crystal clear lakes, and everything you have ever seen in a Bollywood romance song. In spite of being a favourite tourist destination, the Swiss landscape maintains its unspoilt beauty and quietude, thus making it perfect for relaxing with your family. Imagine the excitement your kids will feel while skiing in the Alps! Walk along the green moors and pastures or take the toboggan run for the weirdest and most exciting trip round the countryside. Can you really think of a better time with your family?  The best way to experience the Swiss lifestyle is by spending a few nights in a local homestay which HeyHolidays can arrange for you. From Switzerland , you can complete the tour by stopping in Italy.If you are planning to spend your next family holiday in Italy, rest assured that you will be thanked by both the nature lovers and history enthusiasts in your family, and not to mention the foodies as well. Because Italy is a land where history comes alive in the ruins of Roman architecture, while an all round serenity pervades this Mediterranean country. Explore the architectural wonders of Rome, Pisa, Florence, Milan, and Verona. The romantic in you must have been dreaming of a gondola ride in Venice for long. Spend a few sun drenched hours by the coast bathing, diving, or simply lazing around. Relish the exquisite Italian recipes, and devour a pizzas right from their birthplace in Naples. The HeyHolidays rooms around the country will know how to accommodate you in the comfort your family needs.

Tour Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia: If you wish to gift your family a holiday with a difference, head for these less visited countries and return home with some moments of unspoilt sun and togetherness. Slovakia is known for its dramatic landscape of dramatic mountains and lush forests.. The Slovak Paradise National Park is a haven for nature lovers and trekkers. With caves, waterfalls and canyons, this park will promise you a memorable trip. Kosice is a medieval town with ancient cathedrals. Take a look at the castles in Bojnice and Levoca. This is a country which loves its traditions. So if you want to experience the richness of its art and music, trust your local HeyHolidays host to be your best advisor. From Slovakia you can visit Hungary,a country where medieval remnants exist with modern life. Touched by roman and Turkish influences, Hungary has evolved into a rich cultural platform. And adding to the cultural experience, is a beautiful natural landscape of dense forests, caves, waterfalls and lakes. Visit the Ferto Hansag National Park, and Bukk National Park to watch nature from close. Lillafured is a picturesque town which will charm you with its serenity and antiquity. Take a bite of history in the castles of Sumeg, Sarvar and Gyula. Your HeyHolidays rental host can treat you to some local delicacies you have probably never heard of before. On the whole, your days in Hungary will be marked with a typical unhastened way of life that a family holiday calls for.   Raise your hand if there is at least one Game of Thrones addict in your family. If you have been drooling over the dramatic backdrops in GoT series, maybe it is time now for you to visit Croatia from Hungary to croatia with your family. The entire country is replete with vivid landscapes and architectures and promise you a different experience altogether. Croatian beaches are peculiar with their pebbled coast. Pristine and picture perfect, the beaches of Zlatni Rat and Nugal are a haven for beach and water sport lovers. The mountains are picture perfect, and provide ample scopes for trekking, rafting paragliding. As many as 8 national parks in Croatia protect the flora and fauna of the region, and are home to picturesque waterfalls and lakes. The countryside is replete with vineyards, thus giving you taste of some authentic local brews. HeyHolidays has arranged several holiday rentals in Croatia to ensure your family is more than happy with their stay in this country.