Flavours of Bali

A place as magical as it can get, Bali is a treat for the young and old alike! Not to forget, it is a royal location – so make sure you are pampered with some of the mesmerizing spa experiences on offer here.

No, no, you don’t really have to worry about overstepping your budget at Bali! And the first step is to ditch all those expensive resorts and opt for a homestay. While most people are busy soaking in all the luxury the place has to offer, book an accommodation for you on HeyHolidays and experience Bali in her indigenous flavours. Booking a stay will give you access to local culinary traditions, offbeat tourist locations and a whole dose of an amazing culture.

Wondering how to go about it all? We already told you about the lodging. Now we will tell you about what all you can do to experience the distinctive flavours of Bali!

Indulge In a “Jam Karet”

“Jam Karet” in Indonesian loosely translates into ‘elastic time’. So now you know that no one in Bali is ever in a rush. In an era where we are on our toes around the clock, Bali provides that ideal retreat from the deadlines of daily life. Go to one of the local markets in the morning and you will see how Balinese lifestyle begins its day. A trip to one of the local temples and you can see the women weaving beautiful garlands in preparation for the day’s first prayers – trust us when we say that the tranquility of the whole activity will make you want to settle down there for life! Don’t forget to catch a midday gamelan performance at the Royal Palace courtyard if you can.

Go Spiritual

Bali is home to some of the most impeccable temples in the world. The Taman Ayun Temple is a work of art and Balinese people have strong belief in the existence of God which is pretty evident from the numerous temples the island is interspersed with. Don’t miss the Kecak fire dance at the Uluwatu Temple which takes place every day at sunset in the temple’s sea-facing amphitheater – a dosage of culture doesn’t get better than this! Tana Lot, set on a huge rock amidst the blue waters of the Indian ocean will also get your spiritual senses awakened.

Drown In The Delicacies

Bali is a great place to indulge in organic dishes, thanks to the well-maintained initiative by the agricultural industry in the country. From Bali Buddha Cafe to Down to Earth to Yellow  Flower Cafe, Bali is home to some of the best organic cafes in the world. Puteri Minang Masakan Padang is another favorite with the locals for the rich taste and the Bridges Restaurant in Campuhan may just be the perfect place for a romantic meal with your partner! Finally, do not miss the Warung Alami market on Tuesday mornings and Café Arma on Wednesdays for your perfect dose of Balinese cuisine!

Walk and then walk some more

Trekking is probably the best way to soak in a locale. Especially in Ubud which is a paradise with all the small yet stunning places you could head to. From the Walk out to Sari Organik to Subak Juwuk Manis Walk, these are the best ways to soak in the local lifestyle of Bali. Don’t miss experiencing a Rice Terrace Tour as well, like the Tegalalang Rice terraces – scenic visuals and lovely locals will welcome you with their arms wide open. The Kajeng Walk is an awesome one too – taking you in a trail though just-opened shops, local temples and indigenous villages!

Give Adventure a second chance

Have you already assumed that Bali is a rejuvenation retreat? Think again! From snorkeling around the ravishing coral reefs lining the sea-side to or scuba diving from Nusa Dua to parasailing on the drop-dead gorgeous beaches to banana boat rides – Bali has something to satiate every thrill seeker! Indulge in a sunrise trek to Mount Batur, an active volcano, and experience the beauty of nature that is difficult to put into words!

Are you excited enough? Then snap your fingers and plan a trip to Bali right now! The system of Visa On Arrival applicable here makes travelling to Bali as easy as piece of cake. But don’t be misled by the simplicities for you are all set for an experience of Asian culture with very few superlatives to describe it!