Follow the Game of Thrones Camera in your Next Trip

Hey traveler! Are you a Game of Thrones addict, and every time the camera pans over a rocky cliff or a medieval castle, you simply wish you were there? Maybe it is time now for you to head to some of the actual shooting locations. If you are actually planning a vacation abroad, why not seize this chance to visit the exotic locales of your favorite show? HeyHolidays tells you exactly where to go for reliving your favorite Game of Thrones scenes.

Ireland: Forests, castles, cliffs, history, and an unharnessed nature. That more of less sums up Ireland.  Tollymore Forest Park is a pristine expanse which serves as a haven for trekkers and nature lovers. It is in this park that the direwolf pups are found in the Game of Thrones. An hour’s drive from Belfast will take you to this Winterfell locale.

The grounds of Castle Ward have featured several times in the first two seasons of GoT. While you marvel at the gothic architecture, take a Winterfell Tour and practice some archery skills wearing a Jon Snow cloak.

Mussenden Temple is another striking locale where an ancient temple is perched atop a cliff overlooking an azure Northern Ireland seascape below.

The Dark Hedges is a dreamy avenue of beech trees which were planted two centuries ago by the Stuart kinds. The hedges have served as the Kingsroad from the King’s Landing, and we bet that you can’t keep your cameras from clicking here.

Ballintoy Harbour is a quaint fishing village which had featured in the second season of GoT. Even if you ignore the silver screen connection, the village will charm you with its pristine waterfront and lush pastures.

Larrybane features in the Stormlands in Game of Thrones. An amazing rope bridge connects the region to the Sheep Island. As you walk along the bridge, marvel at the turquoise expanse and rocky coastline where Brienne of Tarth beats Ser Loras Tyrell.

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Croatia: If the forts and seascapes of Game of Thrones haunt you, then Croatia is your place to be in. With dramatic landscapes and medieval architecture Croatia literally mesmerizes its tourists, and more so if you have already seen those on screen. Let’s see what Croatia holds in store.

Dubrovnik is the place of the King’s Landing, and locales from this ancient town keep popping up in our screens during the episodes of the Westeros kings. The town itself is walled and perched atop a cliff, with deep blue Adriatic waters flowing below. You have already seen the dramatic effect that setting causes, and can well imagine what it will be to witness it yourself.  Wander along the cobbled streets and relive the medieval saga.

The Minceta Tower, the Lovrijenac Fortress, and numerous stone houses will add to the medieval feel.  Remember the exotic gardens of King’s Landing?  Trsteno Arboretum, a small sea side village is the actual shooting locale.

Take a tour in the Diocletian’s Palace in Split where many Daenerys scenes have been filmed. The serpentine tunnels and dungeons of this ancient Roman relic are sure to give you goosebumps!

Now step away from the pages of history, and rejuvenate your senses in the Krka National Park, a shorty ride from Split. The lush foliage and gushing waterfalls here have provided the backdrop in many a GoT episodes.

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Malta:  Malta is another ancient land which has served as a backdrop of many GoT episodes. With a dramatic coastline and 16th century monuments, Malta is a spectacular country.

A trip to Malta should start with a visit to the island of Gozo. The island houses an amazing limestone arch called the Azure Window, where Daenerys and Khal Drogo had been married. The island itself is an exotic locale with a perfect beach for scuba diving.

The Verdala Palace Grounds are a 16 Century fairy tale locale where the Malta knights had once hunted. The Palace was even used as a prison for Napoleon. And if you are still looking for a Game of Thrones connection, then these grounds will remind you of Illyrio Mopatis’s house.

San Anton’s Palace is a beautiful gothic structure which has served in many a Redkeep scene.

The Fort of St Angelo in Birgu is another historical site whose tunnels had been used in GoT. The entire town is a walled structure dating back to the Roman times, and hence every street here speaks of an enthralling history.

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Iceland: A trio to Iceland is every globetrotter’s dream, and as we point out the treasures of the country, you will know why.

Grjótagjá is a natural wonder where natural warm water collects in the spring while outside the lava cave there lies a realm of snow.

A short trip from here will take you to Dimmuborgir, a dramatic lava formation of queer rock structures. Many a folk tale has been formed surrounding these rocks, and in GoT, this is the place where Mance Rayder had set his camp.

The south east part of Iceland is home to the Vatnajökull glacier which features on the Game of Thrones as the mystery land beyond the Wall. Standing in the barren white landscape, one is actually transported to a make believe land of mythical GoT creatures.  

The Thingvellir National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site which featured in the fourth season of the Game of Thrones. If you are here in summer, the park will delight you with a fresh palette of greens overlooking the distant sea.

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Morocco: with a perfect harmony of Arabic and European culture, Morocco is a country which attracts tourists with a colorful canvas of medieval monuments, pristine beaches and buzzing souks. You have already seen this ancient land many times on the Game of Thrones episodes.

Close to the city of Marrakech is the fascinating town of Aït-Ben-Haddou. The fortified town stands in the midst of a desert, and has been a filming locale for many a Hollywood topper, and it goes without saying that the stone walls here have formed the backdrop of several GoT scenes as well.

Close by you will find another Game of Thrones connection. Essaouira on the Atlantic coast is a spectacular fortified town where medieval by-lanes coexist with modern cafes and seafood handouts. The city’s red wall has been a characteristic landmark on GoT’s Astapor, and you will recognize it in the first glance.

Not all GoT scenes have been shot in the actual medieval structures. A lot of credit goes to the Atlas Corporation Studios in Ouarzazate. Located in the desert, this studio claims to be the largest film studio on this planet, and naturally attracts a number of tourists to marvel at the backdrop of many Hollywood blockbusters.

While you are in Morocco don’t just sign off your trip with desert and fort visits. The Moroccan bazaar or souks are a potpourri of treasures to take home. Ceramic ware, silver trinkets, carved lanterns and of course the fabled Moroccan leather goods will melt even the most responsible shopper. For best deals, trust your HeyHolidays apartment host to be the best guide.

Spain: With a stunningly diverse geographical and cultural canvas, Spain is undoubtedly a chosen country for the filming of the Game of Thrones. So while you marvel at the myriad treasures of the country, watch out for some GoT moments too. HeyHolidays tells you exactly where to look.

A short drive from Barcelon will take you to Girona, a favorite locale for the GoT crew. The Girona Cathedral, the Jewish Quarter, and the Arab Baths have featured in the sixth season of GoT. Walk down the winding medieval streets to feel the Oldtown feel.

Spain is replete with stunning rock formations, and the formations of the Bardenas Reales Natural Park are a splendid example of how nature has formed the ideal theatrical setting for the activities of the dragon queen Daenerys.

The fortified town of Peñiscola in Valencia is another fabulous game of Thrones locale. This quaint old town will amaze you with its old world cafes and spectacular sea views.

Pechina, in the Alhamila Mountains is a delight for any trekker. The rough terrain has been an ideal GoT backdrop, and will remind you of several other Wild West movies as well.

The Santa Florentina Castle in Barcelona will make you time travel ten centuries back to the Roman era. Standing amidst a lush landscape, the stone structure and its rising turrets may look straight out of a fairy tale. This too has been filmed in GoT season six.

Another ancient structure used in the Game of thrones is the Roman bridge in Cordoba, Andalusia. This 1st century BC stone bridge is a sight to behold, and best views are guaranteed if you enter from the south.

Plaza de toros de, or the bullring in Osuna has been filmed in season five for the backdrop of the meeting of Daenerys and Tyrion. To satisfy the GoT fans visiting here, the Casa Curro restaurant in Osuna even serves a GoT themed menu.

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