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Lying on the Aegean and Ionian Seas, Greece is a dream world for tourists who want to soak in the Mediterranean sun, sea, culture, and history of an antique land. The country has more than 400 beaches, many of which boast of being Blue Flag holders by protecting the coasts in its natural environment. The country treasures several UNESCO World Heritage sites, practices sustainable tourism, welcomes each tourist with a typical Mediterranean warmth, and naturally ranks as a topper in any international tourist’s bucket list. The usual tourist destinations of Greece include Corfu, Santorini, Rhodes, Athens, Mykonos, etc. But if you want to avoid the tourist humdrum in these places, and tread on the less seen parts of Greece, here is what HeyHolidays suggests you to do:  

Avoiding the tourist packed beaches like Corfu and Mykonos, head for the deserted coasts of Sifnos, Milos or Lesvos. The Navagio Beach is another hidden gem. All you can see around is myriad shades of refreshing blue. Soothe your eyes, and rejuvenate your city soul with the calm. The more adventurous ones can think of sailing to some uninhabited island like Chrissi and rediscover yourself in the solitude.  Take a dive, go for your favorite water sport, bite into exotic sea food platters, and simply enjoy some of the most relaxing days of your life. HeyHolidays has plenty of vacation apartments in the coasts, offering you the best in comfortable and affordable lodging.

The volcanic rocks of Lemnos are another astonishing part of the Greek landscape. The rocks are result of the lava spills from the Miocene volcanoes, and tourists today are amazed by the queer shapes that line the Aegean coast in Lemnos.

The island of Nisyros has volcanic craters with steaming pools and fissures. It will be worth while to sail out to this amazing island.

A sculpted face on the shores of Nisi appears out of no-where. The white structure makes a striking contrast to the blue waters beyond, and is definitely worth a visit.

Taking a break from the beaches, trek to Mount Olympus. The lofty mountain is worshipped by the Greeks, and offers stunning views of the valley underneath.

Who says Greece is all sea and sand? Move towards the inland where miles of olive fields and vines will whisper pleasant nothings to you. Go olive picking as a local urchin.

The Meteora Monasteries of Thessaly are perched on a dramatic landscape of rock pillars. Visit the monasteries for an out of the world experience and some amazing views.

Sami in the island of Kefolonia is visited for its unnatural geological formations. Stand gaping at the stalactites and stalagmites in the ancient caverns of Sami. Lake Melissani in this island is a fairy tale lake with bizarre blue waters where you can glide along in a boat.

Another cave with gigantic stalactite formations is the Dikteon Cave which is believed to be the hiding place of the ancient Greek god Zeus.

Mycanae is said to have been the seat of power in the Helladic times. Excavations have unearthed numerous tombs which can now be visited to feel the spirit of Homer’s epic tales.

The Labyrinthos Caves in Gortyn are a serpentine maze of underground passages and chambers, which are believed to          be associated with the morbid Greek myth of King Minos and his queen.

After you have ticked off The Parthenon and Acropolis from your Athens visit list, check out a less visited but unique site of the Davelis Cave. The cave was originally a hideout for a century old troop of bandits. The cave houses a Byzantine era church carved straight of the rock.

Steeped in history and culture, Greece is a treasure house of artifacts. Any flea market will give you enough souvenirs to satisfy the shopaholic in you.

While top rated restaurants will serve delectable Greek delicacies, why not check out the obscure eateries on the sidewalk? These hidden gems smell good enough to promise you the best in Greek food and beverage. If you have already become a fan of the exotic Greek cuisine, why not try out a day’s subscription to a local cooking class. You will surely head back home with a few traditional recipe secrets from your local trainer.

HeyHolidays believes in experiencing a new land in its true essence. The HeyHolidays lodging arrangements in Greece are therefore carefully selected to make sure you feel the warmth of authentic Greek hospitality. The holiday rentals around Greece promise to be a home away from home. So head for this amazing land where history and nature hold hands to create lifetime memories for any tourist. Step away from the trodden paths and indulge in a different sort of trip to feel the true soul of Greece.

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