Relive a Globetrotter’s Dream with HeyHolidays

 “A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.” – Lao Tzu

Are you a traveller too, dreaming of making it around the globe? Witnessing a new world every day, experiencing different lifestyles and cultures, adopting a new perspective on life – globetrotting is on everyone’s bucket list. And why not! Packing your bag and heading out for some unfamiliar location is a thrill that cannot be paralleled easily and HeyHolidays is here to give you just that very rush.

HeyHolidays gives you a taste of the world on a native palate and our local hosts provide you with one of your best journeys yet. Our incredible range of homestays makes for a local intimacy with every destination you visit – embarking on a native lifestyle, gorging on local culinary delights, getting acquainted with a culture at a close range – the memories you go back with will be innumerable.

So, pack your back and relive your dream of globetrotting with our homestays. Here are the ten countries you must visit if you want to see the world!


China is possibly the only country which has such a huge variety of attractions for travellers. From festivals to geography, one can never get tired of exploring this magical country. Comprising of almost all Asian cultures in the world, China is the place to explore your Asian roots. A hike on the Great Wall, gorge on some of the richest culinary traditions with endless seafood, lose yourself in the spirituality of the monasteries – this is one vacation that will keep you moving with HeyHolidays


From beach football to Buddhism, this is a destination you would not want to miss in the world. With an extensive display of Asian and cosmopolitan culture, Thailand is often the first stop for first-time travellers. A range of historical locations are strewn around the country – from World War II to Tribal Mythology – and it has an equal number of beach bars to keep you company after a transcendent display of history. Oh and of course, the street food! Thailand’s street food is considered to be one of the best in the world and the sheer variety is bound to keep your mouth busy always.Explore Thailand like never before with HeyHolidays


Another hotspot of international cultures, Malaysia never fails to surprise travellers with its array of lifestyles. A gourmet paradise in its own right, Malaysian food is consumed across the world in the best of its street form as well as its high-end culinary variety. Malaysia hosts the biggest cave chamber in the world, Sarawak Chamber, and it is an otherworldly feeling that surrounds this beauty. Boasting of a diverse ecosystem, Malaysia has the oldest tropical rainforest - Taman Negara, and is a welcome break from the chaotic urban pollution for many. Try out with HeyHolidays

Sri Lanka:

One of the most popular strains of tea in the world, Ceylon Tea, grows here and this could be reason enough for you to visit Sri Lanka. Home to one of the best tea trails in the world and complemented by its serene tropical climate, you are in for one vacation of a lifetime. And if golden beaches are your thing, head to the Sri Lankan Riviera for some of the best beaches on the island. For those who are looking for something adventurous, the coastline happens to be one of the best surfing zone in the Indian Ocean. So, head for it with HeyHolidays


The deserts and mountains in this posh country make for a vacation worth a million bucks! This is one nation that makes almost everyone feel rich with its luxurious environment and the skyscrapers kissing the clouds. And if you are looking for a dose of adventure, there are numerous untouched beaches in Ras’ al Khaimah for a day camp and exploring the coastline. Did we forget the incomparable nightlife? Oh whattefun with HeyHolidays


Oh, Italia! A personification of romance herself, Italy is place which is as pretty as it gets. Whether you are floating down Venice in those gorgeous gondolas or experiencing the heavenly delight called Italian cuisine – Italy will keep you treated throughout! Add to the lovely tropical weather, and some amazing homemade wines – you’re in for self-love with HeyHolidays


Another dreamy country and home to one of our favourite coffee strains, Portugal is the place to head to if you are still searching for your perfect cuppa. Couple it with some of the most amazing sunsets on the globe; this is the destination to enjoy that perfect cup of coffee in the evening at a beach. Are you lost already? Wait, there’s the Portuguese wine and crazy music festivals to give you company as well! Come on, start packing already with HeyHolidays


Catch a sight of the sensational Niagara Falls or jump in for a rush at the Skyline Trails, Canada the place to be – the peace amid urban chaos. It is really not difficult to lose yourself in the warmth of the citizens or the fragrance of the maple leaves; Canada, after all, is one of the largest cosmopolitan nations. A visit to Ontario is a must with HeyHolidays, just for their cosy summerhouses. Canada is another great place to drive around, with stretches like the Trans-Canada Highway, the Cavot Trail, and of course the Vikings Trail.


No, we are not asking you to go the rebellious way! But hey, we love the badass image that envelopes Cuba and add to its vintage Latin charm. A bottle of oak-aged rum is enough to make you forget the world and add a famous Cuban cigar to it – you are in for a trip! Cuba is also one most historically highlighted destinations in the world and consists of nine UNESCO World Heritage Sights. The host of street musicians and the gorgeous old-school cars just add to the beauty of the place – a must visit with HeyHolidays


Do you really need a reason to visit Brazil? There’s international football, international music, international sports, and of course the inexplicably genius street art. Brazil is one of the liveliest countries to visit if you are looking to let loose and experience a culture of consistent celebrations. From beach parties to trekking near the Iguazu Falls, from catching a plat at the Amazon Theatre at the heart of the rainforest to indulging in the rich culinary delicacies of the locale, Brazil must be on the bucket list of every globetrotter! make it happen with HeyHolidays

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