Rio de Janeiro: The Ultimate Getaway of 2016

Rio de Janerio – one of the ultimate beachside destinations is one of the hottest destinations this year. From a variety of events to the classic aura of this exotic locale, Rio makes for a thrilling trip every time one visits. The fact that Rio makes for a great tourist spot as well a destination for off-beat travelers provides the natives with a potential opportunity to earn out of this culture of tourism.

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What, are you still wondering if this will pay off? We will give you four reasons why Rio is the ultimate tourist spot of 2016!

Festa Junina (June)

A grand celebration of life, the Brazilian Festa Junina is celebration of the onset of harvest season.  One of the most colourful and festive occasions for the residents, the festival dates back to the Portuguese colonization and is a major draw for foodies and cultural enthusiasts alike. From Pamonha to corn cake and of course, the legendary rice pudding, Festa Junina is heaven for gourmet lovers across the world. And who can forget the crowd favourite - Quadrilha folk dances! Such a visual delight the performances make for, complete with colourfully dressed dancers and a spectacular show! This truly is one of the best attractions in Rio!

Rio 2016 Olympics (August)

Oh the Olympics and the opulence of sports! Who wants to miss a chance of watching world class athletes live? This year, with the Summer Olympics being held at Rio, expect a carnivalesque affair with the most transcendent celebration of international sports. Keeping in mind the popularity of Rio as a party destination as well, one can expect tourists to take this opportunity and club the best parties with the best of games. It is sure to be three weeks of absolute thrill and enjoyment.

Brazil’s Independence Day (September)

Brazil’s Independence Day is one gala celebration of the national heritage and history. A day filled with excitement and joyous celebration of Brazil’s independence from Portugal, one can find almost every house in the city decked up with a variety of streamers, decorative lights, banners and lot more expressing the gaiety of the common public. Rio, having a jovial spirit the year round, doesn’t compromise on their essence even on this day and takes to the streets to celebrate their lifestyles. And who can miss out on the awesome fireworks at the city square!

Ultra Music Festival 2016 (October)

Think parties, think Rio de Janeiro.  Think electronic music? Head to Rio de Janeiro! This has been on the lips of party animals this year ever since the announcement of Rio de Janeiro as the host city of Ultra Music Festival. One of the best music festivals in the world bringing together the best of Electronic Dance Music DJs from across the globe, we are putting our bets on October 14 and 15 to be the most partied days of the year. Ready for two days of pure unreserved energy and enjoyment?

So, there you go. Rio de Janeiro is all set to be the hottest tourist destination in 2016. Are you ready to be the host in demand? Then go ahead and register/book awesome vacation rentals on HeyHolidays, and luxuriate in your year of awesomeness!