Shopping Spree in Switzerland

Switzerland is a veritable paradise for tourists in the county. Nature has blessed Switzerland with the best landscapes. Lush valleys, fairy tale landscapes, dreamy Alpine villages, crystal blue lakes, snow capped peaks.. Switzerland has it all ready for its guests. So if you are a romance drenched honeymooner, or an avid backpacker, the country has an endless list of tourist spots and activities for you. And once you have had your share of the nature galore, pamper yourself with a Switzerland shopping spree.  HeyHolidays lists some of the best shopping destinations for you.

Say Cheese: You will find the Swiss valleys and meadows lined with the chubbiest cows you have ever seen. No wonder dairy products of the country are one of its kind. You will find numerous kinds of authentic Swiss made cheese bars. Try the spicy varieties like Appenzeller and the smooth and creamy Vacherin Mont d’Or AOP. There are weekly cheese markets where you would be stunned by the variety and authenticity. With so much cheese around, the Swiss tourists have a delightful range of cheese based goodies too! From cheesecakes to cheese toasts and biscuits, your choice is endless. Just taste and pack some for home. And if you are staying in one of the friendly HeyHolidays homestays, simply ask your host to cook up a traditional recipe with your cheese loot.

Swiss Chocolates: Switzerland is a paradise for the ones with a sweet tooth. If you are in Lucerne, drop in at the Confiserie Bachmann at Schwanenplatz for a head spinning variety of Swiss chocolates. Sprüngli in Zurich is another chocolate heaven to make you drool. Any Swiss town will have an outlet of Merkur, or Migros and Coop. these local stores have an array of local Swiss chocolates from the popular brands like Cailler or Kohl. And why not pick a bar or two of your favourite Lindt and Toblerone from their birthplace? For more exotic delicacies, you can go for the famous gold leaf wrapped bars of DeLaFee. Trust us, your friends back home will bless you for this gift.

Swiss biscuits: With the best chocolates in reach, it is no wonder that Switzerland produces the finest of cookies and biscuits. Kambly is a century old brand of the softest and crunchiest cookies. Crafted with a touch of the best of chocolates, the Kambly biscuits are a class apart.

Swiss Watches: Switzerland is famous for its legendary watches, and it would be a shopper’s sin to leave the country without packing at least one for yourself. From super expensive and delicate watches to sporty everyday wears, the country has been a pioneer in manufacturing the world’s best watches. What about a Victorinox Swiss Army watch which boasts of perfection beyond imagination? If you are not interested in labels, drop into any local bazaar and ask for a locally manufactured range. The quality and design of even these local brands will be a treasure for you.

Swiss Knife: how many times have you wished to carry an all purpose Swiss knife in your pocket? Here is your chance to grab a piece right from its birthplace. The Victorinox range is an excellent pocket tool promising to be a perfect friend in all your adventures.

Luxury shopping: Kirchhofer is perhaps the top most choice when it comes to shopping for luxury goods in Switzerland. This chain store has the choicest collection of luxury watches, jewelry, leather goods, and cosmetics.

Budget Shopping in Switzerland: So you have been window shopping in the brand outlets of Switzerland, and want to go for more pocket friendly substitutes of the Swiss treasures. Your HeyHolidays vacation rental host will be your perfect guide when it comes to suggesting the local markets. Forget about the big shot brands, and look for local substitutes in the roadside bazaars. Your shopping experience in Switzerland is bound to be memorable.

With so much to do on your list, Switzerland indeed promises to be a perfect choice for a European holiday. And when you are away from home, HeyHolidays is the perfect option for finding a homelike comfort in budget. Choose from a wide range of HeyHolidays vacation apartments, cottages and villas around Switzerland, and whichever Swiss town you visit, HeyHolidays will be there to keep you in comfort.