Singapore, the melting pot of cultures

Come alive to the mark of merlions, experience the earthy paradise! Vividity lies in the air, it’s vibrant, and right before you know it, you are in it. Singapore is the world’s only island city-state providing whooping opportunities in the areas of global commerce, finance and transportation. The Red Dot’s rich heritage is a mixture of cultures filled with fascinating festive celebrations. Each festivity possesses its own unique set of beliefs, values and traditions. Acquiring another funky nickname over a period of time, Lion City, the nation falls into 3 ethnic groups, Chinese, Malay and Indian. Witness and indulge in the experience of lit up streets and captivating decorations centered around divergent racial, religious, traditional and even mythical festivals. HeyHolidays is here to aid you get to your dream destinations!



Chinese New Year

The Chinese unite every year, usually during mid-January to mid-February to celebrate what is considered to be one of the gigantic and hyped festivals in Singapore, the Chinese New Year. The fest also carries an alternative name, Lunar New Year, where Chinese families butter up the occasion and the city streets are laced with bright sprays and extravagant decorations. Elementary performances from diverse backgrounds of theatre, music, dance and arts are held to entertain your senses. Come home to Chinese New Year, come home to HeyHolidays!



A festival marked as the most significant date of the Hindu calendar. It falls during the month of October with festivities lasting throughout the entire month. It is the festival of lights where it commemorates the defeat of Narakasura by their Lord Krishna. Hindus honor this day as the triumph of the victorious good over evil, leveraging the Hindu devotees to celebrate Deepavali pompously.


Hungry Ghost Festival

A unique festive name that falls on the seventh month of the Chinese Lunar calendar. The Taoists, a religious sect of Chinese treat this traditional festival earnestly. It is that time of the year when it is considered the most inauspicious due to the traditional beliefs about hungry spirits. It is believed that this time of the year where the gates of hell open and spirits begin to wander freely among the living beings on Earth. Learn about the most fascinating beliefs while dwelling in humbling homestays with HeyHolidays.


MoonFest - A Mid-Autumn Celebration

A festival celebrated alongside the yearly Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls in the month of September. The MoonFest unlocks a magical mix of traditional Chinese performances for a period of five days. Witness a wide range of talent exhibitions from free workshops to free performances like Chinese opera productions, orchestras, music and dance, and traditional puppetry. Stay entertained while experiencing pinnacle homestays with HeyHolidays.


Thaipusam Festival

Thaipusam is regarded to be the most awe-striking traditional festivals in Singapore. It is a festival celebrated by the Hindus on the 30th of January every year in honour of the Lord Subramaniam. The practices and rituals performed on this day include piercing the body with large steel hooks, and other sacrificial acts like walking on hot coal. The festival carries on in grandeur all through the night. Step down to the Sri Perumal Temple, considered as little India and be a part of a celestial experience with HeyHolidays. Come down to the Sri Perumal Temple in Little India to be part of this Indian festival in Singapore, lasting from early morning and stretching into the night.

Don’t just tour places and return. Singapore has a whole lot of scintillating sights to be savoured. Experience the mark of merlions, experience HeyHolidays!

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