Wanna Taste the Diversity of Indian culture? A Visit to These 8 cities is a Must!

Tourists find India to be a veritable power house of diverse cultural and ethnic streams.  The culture in every state of India varies, presenting the tourists with a feast of different art forms, festivals, and rituals. Explore the richness and gamut of Indian culture with HeyHolidays.

Culture in Ahmedabad: This city in the western corners of India is marked by a culture so colorful that its festivals draw tourists from across the globe. The city is in fact passionate about its festivals, and that is evident in the zest with which Navratri is observed here. It is a different experience to swing to the Narvatri music with couples dressed in the brightest of ethnic clothing. The vibrant kite festival held in January is a celebration of life and happiness, and a favorite among tourists from India and abroad. The Gujrati cuisine boasts of a unique blend of spicy, sumptuous and sweet platters. HeyHolidays has a number of stay options here to suit your need and budget.

Culture in Jaipur: Another city in the western borders of India, yet so different in its culture! With palaces, and royal architectures strewn around the city, Jaipur has an enchanting feel of its long past history of royal feuds and glorious empires. The city is mostly built with pink sandstones, which add to its color. The art, music, and dance forms, all preserve the Rajput and Mughal inheritance in their distinct way. Jaipur too hosts a brilliant Kite festival. The Teej Festival is another such colorful spring festival. But culture in Jaipur is not merely about preserving the traditions. Jaipur hosts one of the country’s best annual Literary Festivals, receiving eminent figures of the literary world in book reading and debates. A visit to Jaipur remains incomplete without its celebrated dishes like Dalbati Churma and Missi Roti. Seeping in butter and ghee, these Rajasthani delicacies are a foodie’s windfall. Explore the charming bazaars to grab the intricate Rajput jewelry and exquisite handloom fabrics of Rajasthan. Marvel at the skilled craftsmanship of the palace architectures, and feel the music of the desert nearby. A cultural journey of Jaipur, and Rajasthan will remain incomplete otherwise. Make the most of your cultural journey in Jaipur with HeyHolidays holiday rentals.

Culture in Lucknow: Lucknow is a city of the Nawabs, and in spite of being a busy and urban capital city today, Lucknow still holds on to its antique charm. With looming gateways, sprawling palaces, and frequent tombs, the city streets have numerous instances of the regal architecture. The dance and music gharans or trends of Lucknow are distinctly influenced by the city’s Mughal past. Tourists here admire the exquisite craftsmanship of the chikankari embroiders. These fabrics surely add a subtle royal touch to any wardrobe. Evolved from the chefs of the nawabs, the cuisine of Lucknow, or the Awadhi cuisine is an art form in itself. Right next to a worldwide fastfood chain joint, you will find a century old kebab house drawing foodies with its fabled galouti kebab. And this is how the city fuses cultures from two different world and era. HeyHolidays has several stay options in Lucknow to give you a feel of the traditional hospitality.

Culture in Varanasi: Varanasi is a potpourri of culture so rich and diverse, and it is said one can witness the entire country in this tiny river town. While the holy Ganges draws Hindu pilgrims, the adjacent Budhhist stupa of Sarnath is home to Budhhist believers. The river ghats are a dazzling platform for myriad languages, rituals, and beliefs. The evening prayer in the ghats is a bliss to behold, as giant lamps shed their reflection in the dark river water. Varanasi is celebrated for its silk sarees. Woven with bright silk and golden yarns, the sarees are a woven delight indeed. Have a sweet tooth? Sweets rich in cream will delight your taste buds as you explore the ever winding maze of the age-old city. The famous gullies of Varanasi are a feast for photographers as one finds here a colorful array of bangles, wooden toys, sarees, and what not! Choose from the HeyHolidays rentals in Varanasi to feel the spirit of this holy city.

Culture in Kochi: This port town in the southern fringes of India, is another mixed bag of culture and customs. Being a port town, Kochi has a long history of Portugese, Arab, Dutch and British interactions, thus evolving the customs of the town into a colorful mixed bag. The traditional Kathakali dance form is an integral part of Kochi culture. It is a delight to watch the dancers decked in elaborate costumes and makeup retelling the epics and traditional lores through Kathakali moves. The artisans of Kochi can create magic on rosewood, and tourists here carry home beautiful carved wooden figures as souvenirs. Kochi is a haven for seafood lovers. The coastal town offers a wonderful blend of western influences and traditional Keralite cuisine when it comes to culinary trends. HeyHolidays has arranged several homestays in Kochi to give you a taste of the life here.

Culture in Mysore: Mysore can well be called the cultural capital of Karnataka. This city in southern India had been home to various dynasties of different religions. The final fusion of all their cultures has resulted in a distinct Mysore style which one finds in the art, architecture, and literature of the region. The Dussera festival in Mysore is a gala celebration when the city decks itself in celebration. A pompous procession of elephants carrying the idol of Goddess Chamundi is a spectacle indeed. While the complex architecture of the temple awes the tourists, the city preserves a number of palaces and museums where one can still savor the royal glory of yesteryears. The Mysore school of painting using natural dyes and golden foils is one of a kind, and a treasure for art lovers. Mysore has claimed a worldwide fame for its silk sarees as well. The HeyHolidays rentals in Mysore are arranged to give you the best in comfort and affordability.

Culture in Kolkata: A diehard cosmopolitan city, Kolkata is a brilliant fusion of its rich Bengali culture, its colonial history, and multicultural population. The city had once been a pioneer in the Renaissance of India, and still nurtures and savors the changing trends of art, music, literature and theatre while firmly holding on to its roots and Bengali traditions. Kolkata is marked by a strong community feeling which is evident in the manner festivals are observed here jointly by an entire neighborhood. The Durga puja is a magnificent affair where old customs mingle with modern art forms. One simply has to be a part of this annual festival to understand the frenzy and spirit of Bengal. Kolkata has been home to the Noble Laureate Rabindranath Tagore, and the city still breathes his music and literature. The Kolkatans have proved to be passionate about literature, cinema, theatre, dance, art, and anything aesthetic. Due to its colonial past, Kolkata preserves several Victorian mansions, and remnants of the British way of life can still be found in the dwindling Anglo Indian community. Kolkata is a foodie’s paradise with its own versions of Mughal, Chinese, and South Indian cuisine. Needless to say, that the traditional Bengali cuisine and especially the sweets are simply not to be missed here.  The HeyHolidays rentals here will guarantee you a comfortable stay in friendly Bengali neighborhoods.

Culture in Delhi: Culture in the capital city of Delhi is cosmopolitan to the core. The city has an elaborate history of rise and fall of several empires, resulting in a brilliant blend of ethnic values and urban lifestyle While ancient forts and minarets speak of bygone royal splendor and gallantry, the remains of Mughal days can still be felt in the bylanes of old Delhi. Delhi is home to communities from around the country. Hence festivals of all sorts are observed here. The famous bazaars of old delhi are an art lover’s paradise. From handloom fabrics to antique trinkets, and from Belgian lamps to /Turkish hookas, the bazaars provide it in galore. This city in North India serves some of the best Punjabi food, and of course the city’s Mughal past find its way to the Delhi platters too. The Delhi accommodations arranged by HeyHolidays are selected to make sure you explore the city thoroughly and come home to the comforts of your cozy homestay.