Why group travel is always more fun?

Ever wondered why your college excursion is the best trip you have ever had? It is so simply because group travel is always more fun! Imagine sitting around a bonfire or chatting through the night with your friends or colleagues in the cozy comforts of a HeyHolidays camp. This is why you should consider planning your holidays in groups:

 The first pro of group travel is of course its cost effectiveness. Renting homestays on sharing basis will do wonders to your holiday budget! In comparison to sky-high rates of a pigeon hole hotel room, the comfortable vacation rentals of HeyHolidays allow you to spend your holiday in the spacious comfort of a home away from home. The long distance flights will not seem tiring any more if you have friends or family to chat along the way. Have you considered medical or any other emergency in a foreign land? A group travel will ensure you the help of your co-travelers in case a difficulty arises. So if you have a holiday in mind, simply choose from the wide range of villas, cottages, and bungalows arranged by HeyHolidays and unwind with your friends of family.

Group holiday with other couples: If you are planning a vacation with your partner, why not include your friends and their partners in your plan? Spending time with other couples is sure to tighten the bond you two share. Rediscover yourselves as you share your interests and dreams with your co-travelers. A group holiday with other couples in one of the cozy HeyHolidays villas will be a breather if you and your partner have interest in different activities. Each of you can have your own space and enjoy what you like as you are sure to find company in the group. And what’s more, you won’t have to ask a passerby to click a lovey-dovey photo of you two!


Group Holiday with Family: We barely get to spend time these days with our parents, and especially when we are working away from our hometown. The extended family too hardly meets except for family weddings. Why not collect your parents and cousins so that your children get the complete taste of a family holiday? Watch your children snuggle up to their grandma for stories, or study the night sky with their grandpa just the way you once did. The memories created in the few days together will last your kids a lifetime!

Group Holiday with Friends: Social network is probably the only communication you have with your friends these days. How you miss the wonderful times spent together. Well, why not relive the excursions of your student life in the comforts of a HeyHolidays cottage or camp? Huddle around a campfire, put up a barbeque together, and strum an old guitar as you catch up with each other’s lives sitting in the lap of nature. Just propose one such trip together, and your friends will jump at the idea for sure.


Group Holiday of the Girl Gang: Don’t you girls have the best time of your life when you are together with your girlfriends? Simply laughing over silly nothings, chatting endless hours with your girlie gang, and shopping till you drop, it will be the most refreshing holiday possible. Safety becomes a major issue while traveling in a foreign land in an all girls group. Rest assured, as HeyHolidays makes personal contact with each homestay host to ensure that your stay is safe and secure. So choose your location, select a HeyHolidays villa or camp, and allow us to arrange a delightful vacation with your girlfriends.