Why to choose alternate stays over hotels in 2018?

Love putting your shoes on and heading out to the unknown? Are your travel stories defined by unplanned itineries and out-of-the-blue experiences? Then you definitely know the experiential value of homestays! For all the uninitiated travelers, however, it’s time to let go of those boring hotel accommodations and try out the excitement called homestays. 

For starters, the comfort is unparalleled. There isn’t anything like hanging up your boots after a day of crazy trekking in a home-like atmosphere. And at HeyHolidays, we can guarantee you a homestay like no other. From majestic sea-facing villas to top-of-the-world penthouses, and from exciting tree houses to thrilling tent camps - we have something to satiate every type of traveller in you! Oh, did we forget that all these beauties will hardly burn a hole in your pocket?

Still not convinced? Here are eight reasons why you should ditch the hotels this year!

Experience a New Lifestyle

If you are a traveller who swears by a destination’s local flavour, homestays are where you should be headed. The biggest win-win is having a local host and a residence, which means your cultural experience, is bang on-point. From lifestyle habits to native table etiquettes, be prepared to be a wide-eyed kid exploring an exciting new world.

Catch Up on the Best Local Destinations

Nothing beats your hosts’ knowledge when it comes to planning itineries for the day. From identifying the best library in town to discovering hidden trekking trails, your hosts will ensure that you have the best spots in town covered over your vacation. Get ready to transcend into a world of travel you have never experienced before.

Gorge on Local Delicacies

Now, who isn’t a foodie? From Caribbean to Thai to Greco-Mediterranean, the world has a plethora of palates to offer us and HeyHolidays hosts are here to get some right on your plate. Not only will they guide you to some of the most scrumptious local food joints but you also have a chance to experience their home-cooked food - the real local cuisine.

Shop to your Heart’s Delight

Again, your hosts will save your day. Ask us how? They will guide you to some of the best markets in town dealing with handicrafts, apparel, lifestyle products and much more. not only that, they will also help you find the hidden shops and lanes, and tell you a thing or two about how to bargain with local sellers! Sounds like a steal!

Forget Expensive Accommodation

Yes, once you stay in a homestay, you will know that it is almost worthless to spend on a hotel. Homestays actually happen to be more comfortable, sans the unnecessary formalities and restrictions, so a vacation really becomes a memorable one! All this, without having to answer the room service why you are talking loudly!

Experience a Vacation with a Home 

Imagine coming home after a long day of travel! Sounds too good to be true, especially when you are far off from home? A homestay can give you just the comfort you’re looking for - a space to be yourself even when you are travelling. Watch television, cook for yourself or just laze around - nothing gets closer to your home than a homestay. And you can arrange luxuries for yourself, as per your budget and convenience too!

Nothing Beats the Memories You Make

A good and comfortable experience always makes for great memories, and homestays are bound to give you that. Chill with your loved one, or sleep around the day - it’s your own space but complemented with numerous unique experiences.  Rest assured, your photo albums will be bursting when you reach home!

Open up Multiple Opportunities for Travel

Staying a homestay will gift you the friendship of your hosts - which means, you have a chance and a reason to revisit a destination. Not only do your expand your base of friends, and explore a range of human behaviour and culture, you experience travelling through a new perspective. And your hosts can even suggest other places that you must add to your travelling vacation list. Travellers, are you listening?

So pack your bags and book a homestay with HeyHolidays. Whether you are heading to a few days of unleashed madness in Florida or a rejuvenating stay at Thailand, we have the world wide world right at your doorstep!