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Find affordable accommodation in Greece

Looking for a fun-filled family time away to the Greek islands? Want to book an affordable accommodation in Greece? We got you covered.Greece is one of the prime destinations in Europe with great historical attractions, infinite cultural venues, ancient archaeological sites, numerous islands and golden beaches. Enjoy the Greek sun and sea at reasonable prices at HeyHolidays. We take care of every detail to make your holiday memorable.

A vacation with historical attractions

You can explore the most astounding historic attractions during your stay in our accommodation in Greece like the Acropolis Museum, the ancient site of Delphi at Mount Parnassus, the Meteora monasteries in the Thessaly Plain, Zagorohoria and the ruins of Kassope and Nikopolis in the Pindus Mountains.

Cultural treasures of Greece

The country portrays the most beautiful culture having unique traditions. It has more than 100 archaeological museums and more than 50 historical and folk museums. There are a lot of festivals that celebrate the different facets of Greece like the Thessaloniki International Film Festival, The MegaroGyzi Festival and many others.

Top family destinations in Greece

  • Cultural and historic venues along with some of the best beaches can be seen in Athens, the capital of Greece.
  • The Ionian Islands to the West of the country include Corfu, Lefkada, Kefalonia and Zakinthos which have great sandy beaches and are greener than others.
  • Peloponnese in the South has forested and mountainous centre which is perfect for outdoor activities.
  • Central Greece and Thessaly boast an amazing countryside and Arachova town is great for skiing in winter.
  • The magical Meteora monasteries and Thermopylae where 300 Spartans fought the Persians.
  • Crete, Santorini and Mykonos are known for their beautiful landscapes, bizarre rock formations, sea caves, whitewashed houses and old-fashioned gourmet eateries.
  • Dodecanese which is a group of twelve islands, including Kos, Rhode and the Sporades.


Activities in Greece

We all know it is the birthplace of the Olympic Games. You can enjoy water sports like diving, snorkelling, sailing, swimming, windsurfing, etc. on the Greek islands, skiing in winter season in Trymphristos and sledging in resorts of Mountain Parnassos. You can go for canoe-kayak and rafting in Tavropos, hiking in the Dodecanese and the Cyclades or try the Kilkis Paintball Park.

So, ready to embark on an epic Greek adventure? At HeyHolidays, we have a list of some of the hand-picked vacation rentals in Greece that can suit your preferences as well as budget. Book the best accommodation in Greece now to enjoy a wonderful vacation with your family that will stay in your fondest memories for years.

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